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JAV News Roundup - August 2023 - Volume 1

Yep, she left Faleno since Jan 2021 and has been freelance since then. Also, many rumors are that her hiatus is due to pregnancy, since she her belly looked thicker than her normal slender look during the Taipei Red Expo.

Fried Chikan's Beautiful Women in JAV Part 3

I have no idea how a woman as beautiful as Mio Ishikawa can be described as "plain."

Panking's JAV Studio Tierlist

Hunter got left off the list too. I used to ignore them because a lot of times they don't identify their actresses and they do the stupid line across the eyes on their covers. They have releases with low tier actresses and horrible technical quality, but they actually have some good releases with good themes, quality actresses and good production. As someone who agrees with the author in disliking how most "drama" themes from Attackers almost exclusively are about hard sex, I realized that Hunter specializes in "normal guy fantasies," like "high school girl suddenly moves into guys place," or "sister's friends find my porn stash and want to learn more," or "I moved into an all-girls dorm." Sometimes there are disappointingly made with poor actresses or quality, but a good portion of them are done well and the fantasy comes alive. -edited by admin

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BREAKING: Minami Aizawa retires after being dropped by her bankrupt agency!

I think it's a misunderstanding due to differing usages of the "girl next door" term. Some people interpret the term as "plain jane" or "common" looking, which has a negative connotation. The other way of interpreting it is along the lines of "good girl" or "nice girl" looks, which is a more positive connotation. Minami definitely has a "good girl" look as opposed to some others that have a "slutty" look, etc. I'd argue that her appeal was that she looked like a good and classy girl, who happened to do nasty and lustful things in her videos.

Actress Spotlight: Aika Yamagishi - Best Titles

Others worth a look: PRED-226 with Kana Mito is a great spin on the co-worker shared-hotel room plot. Aika starts out seducing the male co-worker and then Kana can't look away and is tempted into joining in. The last scene in the morning with Aika reminding the other two to hurry up and finishing fucking before they miss their bullet train, but then succumbing into joining in and getting pounded from behind is amazing. Also PRED-305, a 3-way collab with Aika Yamagishi, Nanami Misaki and Mizuki Aiga. All three actresses are great but the combo of Aika and Aiga is a dream come true. And yes the girls interact with each other sexually.

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