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First Impressions - Ren Gojo

Personally I am a Momoka Kagura and Haru Minato fan but she is nice too.

ZENRA Exclusive JAV Interview: Maki Hojo

Another excellent interview!

ZENRA Exclusive JAV Interview: Nina Nishimura

Thanks for making this interview happen! I am a big fan of her. I am glad she namedropped Reo Fujisawa about matching in size. I agree with her.

BREAKING: Shimiken Shares Insights On Male Actor Salaries & Eimi Fukada Finally Off Loads Tax Burden!

I always thought that I would be a better porn producer/director than a direct actor :D Thanks to Shimiken for reinforcing my belief

Why Futanari is Superior to Normal JAV

I like it precisely because how silly and hilarious the scenes could be. I watch the ginormous cumshot RKI releases for the same reason. Thanks for this article!

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