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New to Me - Not Quite MILF Edition - Kana Momonogi

Really a cute girl. Looks both sweet and sexy.

I met JULIA! And somehow won big at pachinko...

While I enjoy these stories, I always feel like they make life in Japan seem like a living hell. You can never xxxxx, it's tough to travel, everything is confusing and everyone looks at you like you're a mutant. Respect for getting through it but it never seems "fun", more like you're being tortured while trying to meet JAV stars.

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JAV Performer Tierlist

Maria's ass implants are too cartoonish, even for Western porn. Maybe if they had done a better job with them, but they didn't. The West has many, many plastic looking women, but Maria's look is just bizarre. Akari Mitani, to me, is the perfect example of that. She's a top-level performer who does great when she gets something to work with.

Top 10 JAV Stars I No Longer Enjoy

So this is basically "people get older", gee, deep insight.

Meeting Mao - My Fan-Meets with Mao Hamasaki

I'm not really sure what to say about these posts, but the whole culture there and the way these things are done is fascinating, so thank you for the details.

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