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PPPE-023 - Hitomi - Hitomi's Final Film! One Last Fuck For Her Fans With All Her Might!

I thought the video was very solid. Hitomi seemed to be putting in 110% effort. Her usual performances have been good and I wouldn’t say she’s been phoning it in but she has gotten into a routine recently . And when was the last time she did a gangbang? That was a great scene too. Well it’s the end of an era. Thanks for everything Hitomi!

Pan's Spotlight: Nene Tanaka

She's good if you're into the Kaho Shibuya, Aimi Yoshikawa, Arisa Hanyu type actresses.

MTALL-012 - Ruri Saijo - Legendary Big Breasts Limited Resurrection

Agreed. I'm a fan of Ruri but this was a bland, debut-style video. I hope this isn't a one off and that she continues to make movies and they can do more interesting things with them. Even if it is just a one off, it was still nice to see her back in action.

PPPE-007 - JAV - Full-auto Unlimited Cum Soapland That Makes You Ejaculate Once Every 5 Minutes

All fake cumshots? I thought they were real. Usually for a fake cumshot you get a camera cut before it happens or the dick is offscreen and you just see the liquid squirting. But just skimming back through the video now, they all seemed legit. No cuts and you could see it happening through the mosaic. Some of them were pretty low on volume which I think is a sign that they're not faking it. It looked like they just used multiple male actors.

HMN-080 - JULIA - Bored Housewife's Big Breasts Popping Out of Her Micro Bikini at the Gym

The one thing I noticed recently about Julia is it seems like she lost some weight. Reminds me of how Yu Shinoda also used to be a little thiccer but is now really skinny.

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