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Hentai VS JAV

As someone who watches both in equal measure. I do agree with most of your ideas. I just want to know your opinion on cosplay JAV, which I feel is a perfect marriage of both hentai and JAV, especially if the actress commits to acting like how the actual anime character would act.

JAV Anime Parodies

TMA's COSCRAFT series are easily the best cosplay JAV has to offer. The fact that they use actual male characters as partners adds to the realism. The female characters could act more in-character, but then again that's not what we're here for. Fortunately or unfortunately, TMA seems to be focusing on VR now, and that's not for everybody.

How Thick is too Thick in JAV Movies?

What about the petite body type? Certainly, it is also probably a fetish, but with the number of petite women in JAV, it seems worth a discussion.

Who Handles Moaning/Dirty Talk Better: JAV or Western Porn?

100% agree. Western AV actresses act invariably like insufferable nymphomaniacsand their male counterparts are all acting like sex-obsessed psychopaths. At least there's some variety in JAV, from the cute, reserved type, to the more palatable nympho type.

What Makes a Good Cosplay JAV Parody?

TMA makes the best cosplay videos. Their COSCRAFT brand is easily the best cosplay JAV can offer. The Strongest Attribute series is not too bad as well. The ID series is hit or miss for me, but bears mention.

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