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Actress Spotlight: Meisa Kawakita (Part 2)

Agreed, she is very good and very pretty.

S1: Tits Across Time

I am really about the shape over the size, so with the loss of Aika Yumeno, Mao Masshiro, Yumi Shion, AOI, Aimi Yoshikawa, Ria Yamate and Yuri Oshikawa, S1 really only has Mei Wasshiro left for me. I therefore do conclude S1 in 2024 is a lot worse than previous years.

Battle of the Aika’s: Versus Mode

Aika Yumeno is my favourite. She's been my favourite since very early in her career. The tanned video, the one where she is covered in cum, the one where she is xxxxxx to date without panties, the one where she slowly turns slutty after multiple molestations. Her smile just brightens up the room and her breasts are masterpieces. I hope she has many more years.

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