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Great Asses in JAV: Legs for Days

Reiko kobayakawa has undoubtedly the best legs in JAV

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Hana Himesaki: 2021 JAV Star of the Year

The problem with maria nagai is not her releases but that she doesnt look human anymore with that over enlarged ass

Hana Himesaki: 2021 JAV Star of the Year

Hana himesaki was good, but personally her face doesn't do it for me.My performer of the year would be Julia or Yuri honma. Julia has had a great year after leaving oppai and Yuri honma had great releases for the first half of the year.The most disappointing ones for me are Kurea hasumi and Maria nagai.

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JUL-743 - Hibiki Otsuki - A Female Business Client Sets The Tone For A Scene Of High-end Despair

Before her retirement, asahi was best in a dominant role. Madonna has not used her properly even in 1 video since her return. Maybe her return was conditional on shooting only vanilla videos

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