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Which JAV Star Gives The Best Paizuri?

What's the point, when most of the dudes are hung like a pimple? That's the worst aspect of JAV: the male "talent".

PPVR-029 - Hitomi - My Girlfriend''s Older Sister Has Big Tits And Is Okay With Creampie Sex, So She Lured Me To Temptation

Excellent overview, as always. I haven't watched this, because I don't appreciate being lead on. That is, they/she handled her "retirement" really poorly. She was actually done at the end of 2021, and her heart wasn't in it for a few years before that. I think she never recovered from being dumped by 'Mr.X' (in 2018). He was a creep to be sure, but she was hoping for marriage. JAV status aside, I reckon she has a tender heart, and it was broken by that jag-off.

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Hitomi Tanaka Retrospective Part 1

Well, let's be honest here: he's one of her few partners who isn't hung like a squirrel and looks like a bridge troll w/acne scars.

Hitomi Tanaka Retrospective Part 1

You are a true, dedicated fan. Of course, I'm gonna point out the titles I can't abide: - Banging the old dudes: this sickens me. The usual guys (save for 'Carlos') are gross enough, but this a living nightmare. - Nursery worker: the premise is completely lost on me. Who was this aimed at?? - Sex with the 'biggest' dick: madness. I call this one a 'paying the rent' title. I have nothing to base this on, but I'd like to believe she, also, wasn't down with some of these, but what choice did she have.

Oppaira's Spotlight + Top 10 Videos of Julia, One of the Greatest

Julia!! The anti-Hitomi.Don't misunderstand, I LOVE Hitomi, but Julia is in a completely different category. That is, I don't think she has "big" tits. Rather, she has perfect breasts.She seemed out of place when they shipped the JAV gals over to Las Vegas, for that AVN meat-market. She, herself, said she didn't feel in the same 'league' as the others. She's right!Fun fact: Kaho is shorter than Hitomi (if that's possible).

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