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Ramenboss's Extraordinary PVC Vinyl Outfits in JAV

Ramen Boss is a pvc/ vinyl connoisseur! My god does he know how to find the most arousing and enticing vinyl outfits mixed with really fun and erotic porn scenes. He really knows the best kinds of porn. Always impressed with his tastes. The outfit and scenario that stood out the most to me would be Suzumori wearing the glossy white vinyl nurse outfit. Damn that have to be one of, if not the hottest nurse outfit I have ever seen. The bit about her being picked up and fucked with her legs flailing in the air while being helplessly fucked in that tight shiny white vinyl makes me flood down under. There is something about that outfit that really get me going. I love it.

RamenBoss JAV Review: If I Were A Beachball 1&2 and Beachball Onanie 1-10

Oh my goodness, I'm ready to buy these videos after reading this article. Fantastic fetish elements, and I already have an inflatable fetish myself so just reading about these videos are making me wet. Beach Ball Masturbation 8 is the video that intrigues me the most. Hearing about how obsessed the woman gets about the shiny black inflatable whale and the way she uses the fin gets me tingly all over. If you're not reading these articles and buying these hot inflatable vids then what are you even doing with your life?

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