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BREAKING: Eimi Fukada Lands In Deep Trouble, Tax Authority Accuses Her Of Evasion

yeah, this might be a case of tax evasion by the former eimi agency. If the police find the CEO, take him to civil court, and the CEO admits it was an action carried out without the artist's knowledge, then Eimi doesn't need to worry. but the law is not that simple. If I were the IRS, I would certainly suspect Eimi too, that she could have known and allowed this embezzlement. Come on, Eimi is a mature woman who has worked for a long time. There's a tax on something as simple as buying ramen. Is it possible that she's that stupid and doesn't understand income tax? everything has taxes. anywhere in the world, countries will pay close attention to their citizens who appear to live "too glamorously" on social media. sorry, I don't have much sympathy for Eimi, because I see a lot of artists whose lives are very glamorous on social media but then pretend to be stupid when faced with the IRS.

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JAV stars are People Too: A Letter From A Fellow Fan

pick above bolt letter "Morality and consent"

JAV stars are People Too: A Letter From A Fellow Fan

sorry, want to ask, what movie/video/artist in your 5th thumnail pick in this article? look like its behind the sceen jav. im like this kind of JAV Katagory. Pls Info

Why JAV Helps Adult Men

I read your article, and I think that the points you mentioned are really very subjective. I am a person who has enjoyed pornography since my puberty began, and my mindset has never changed, that pornography must be very, very limited. In fact, if it all depends on me, then it's best to just eliminate it. I agree about the introduction of the female body, the introduction of various sex fetishes. but the positive effects of pornography will never outweigh the negative effects... never in a million years. For many years I watched JAV, the depressing effect was extraordinary. I am very grateful to try hard to change, come out of my shell, fall and rise in various romantic relationships, and get married. The positive effects of pornography are nothing compared to the positive effects of real relationships in the real world. so if you want to know women, be happy, in sex and life, go out, dare to meet people, the process can have ups and downs. keep trying! Refuse to be a wimp with your tissue, headset and VR glasses. believe me, I am a JAV maniac, none of my friends can beat me in my dvd collection and my years on laptops, but depression at that time really almost took away my zest for life THX for Your Hard work! you can watch JAV as much as you like, but never stop try to know more real people outside your room.

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