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Rin Hachimitsu Fires Back At Her Agency, 8MAN!

I once joked about 7 sins of 8Man. It looks like it's going to be a real thing. Lol

What makes a JAV boring?

Very cool write-up! I agree with all points.

My JAV Hot Takes

2. I like debut movies. Yeah, it's not great type movies, but I like seeing new actresses for the first time. 3. Same. Although, I never watch her works to begin say about her popularity. 4. Two is more than enough. While three are already getting overcrowded. 10. This genre is kind of love-hate. What I like is it have two girls. Then, what I dislike is it's lesbian. 12. Definitely agree! I even often look up if creampie movie have at least one facial scene.

Most Frustrating JAV Studios

Had to admit that I come here because seeing Faleno on image. Now greatly dissapointed. I mean, I rarely watch them. But hopefully there are some reading to answering my wonderment about why I still do believing Faleno is a crap.

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JAV Agencies Head to Head: Who has the best roster?

All talents of Yua's agency was transferred to All Pro but her. Now it's one person agency (yet she stated she was independent months ago).

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