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BREAKING: FALENO Teases It's Version Of SODLAND, Twitch Streamer Leaks His Ai Hongo JAV Library, Rumina Yuki Hints At A Comeback & More!

Ai Hongo is not first active JAV star streaming on twitch , Aimi Rika streams a lot and Aiga Mizuki

JAV News Roundup - August 2023 - Volume 2

Rola she looks so good that I couldn't recognize her, only after a few minutes I realized it was Misaki Laura

JAV News Roundup - August 2023 - Volume 1

"Natsu Tojo made her debut with the prominent AV studio Faleno in 2020 and has remained exclusive to them since then" Are you sure about that?

Kurea Hasumi: JAV Star of the Year

For me EBOD-772 was her best movie of the year

Can JAV actresses choose who they have sex with? Amatsuka Moe explains and reveals her favorite actor. Also: his personal harem.

When I see Taku, I always skip it. There is such a thing as too much. I have the impression that these 20 years in the industry are no good, still the same positions , each scene with him I have the impression that it is the same, it does nothing new, but the same as in the last few years.I think he is liked by actresses because he doesn't do anything he wouldn't do in thousands of other scenes and it's such a "safe choice"

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