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JAV Director Spotlight: Nao Masaki

My favorite movie is LZDQ-009, a lesbian love story starring Akari Maijima and Rika Mari. It was one of the last videos before Akari retired, and unfortunately not on sale anymore. But it's a classic. It was Akari's lesbian debut, and she seemed extremely hesitant to do it. I made out a line where she tells Masaki that it was 50/50 whether she would even show up. But Rika Mari eases her in wonderfully, and by the end they can't get enough of enough. I wish it had a sub. The movie was so strong that it made me search for the director, which I never do. That's how I discovered Nao Masaki myself!

JAV Sales Report - June 2020

Great article! But it makes me mad to see Kana Momonogi nowhere on these lists. She is so beautiful, and gives such passionate performances, and is so nice to her fans. She is the best today IMO!

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