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ZENRA Exclusive Interview: Kaho Imai

Female pornstars will never be legit famous, they will only ever be famous for how much dick they can take

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Jabhum116 was absolutely correct about the popularity of Yua Mikami. While there are Idols who have transitioned to porn none of them were as popular before their porn debut and kept pushing their career in porn like her. If she wasn't a former idol of a well known group then she wouldn't be known as hugely as she is right now.I have to agree with Paco about the porn videos, I always skip the boring plot points and get straight to the action, that is basically the whole point of why people watch these videos is to see the action scenes. You can sit through a whole non porno film but with a porno everyone wants to get into the action cause we all that is where the best parts are.

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