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Why Futanari is Superior to Normal JAV

I don't really like futanari stuff, the sex is underwhelming, sometimes they try to make the dildos small and realistic and it doesn't go very well on some scenes, they should go all in and use fake and big cocks since they are going to blurry them anyway. Another thing that I don't like are the cumshots, there is a parody of the Futabu hentai and in the animation their entire bodies get covered in cum, the adaptation they barely cum on each other and there is no good facial shot. I hope they improve more the futa scenes in the future

Oppaira's JAV Draft: Fitch

Definitely one of my favorite studios. Too bad that they don't do stuff like JUFD-811, this one was one of my favorites but they only made I think 4 or 5 DVDs with the theme thick personal trainers.

10 Things In JAV I Want To See More And Less Of

My thoughts are almost the same. The only thing that I disagree are the wigs, I agree that they should get higher quality ones, but the low quality ones don't bother me too much and besides if I wanted to see the actress with her normal hair I could just watch some other release. The wigs kinda give a cosplay vibes that I really enjoy, and for me the "original Collaboration" tag is a breath of fresh air since in the past there were super bad releases in the "cosplay" tag (I'm looking at you TNOZ).

Top JAV Themes I Want To See More And Less Of

Workout Instructor is a theme that I would like to see more often, the studio Fitch had a nice series that they don't do it anymore(JUFD-811, JUFD-606, there are a few others but I don't remember the code). Hotsprings is a hit or miss when they film during the day, but when they do the scene at night with studio lighting the scene is actually very good.

The Best of Gorgeous Golden Gyaru

Tachibana Nao is a jav star that I miss a lot. For a very brief period Tsukada Shiori had the gyaru look and it looked very nice, NITR-197 she looked amazing with the Gyaru look+ some nice cosplays.

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