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Terms of Service and Privacy Policy (Updated August 2nd, 2016)


No personal private information of any kind is stored at ZENRA. The only information stored is one's username and password in an encrypted form. Billing information is stored on the encrypted servers owned and operated by trusted internet payment gateways. Your contact information will never be used in any type of unsolicited email and/or snail mail campaign nor will it be given to any unaffiliated third party. Outside of support requests and subscription confirmation emails, you will never receive any type of unsolicited communication from ZENRA.

Adult Material and Age Agreement

ZENRA features visual material created by and for adults. You agree that at the time of purchase that you are of legal adult age (18 or 21 in certain jurisdictions) and it is legal in your place of residence to view such material. You agree not to distribute and/or show in any way said material to anyone under the legal adult age (18 or 21 in certain jurisdictions).


ZENRA offers recurring subscriptions and one-time subscriptions. A monthly subscription is $39.95USD which is automatically rebilled until canceled. Three month subscriptions—both recurring until canceled and non-recurring are offered at the rate of $99USD and $109USD respectively. Monthly streaming-only subscriptions are offered at $29.95USD and also automatically recur until canceled. Subscription prices are shown in USD and may slightly differ with local exchange rates.


A subscription to ZENRA grants a subscriber access to the password-protected area of the site provided that correct login credentials are entered and the subscriber's account is in 'good standing'. 'Good standing' implies that the account has not been disabled temporarily or permanently (see Distribution and Usage). The ability to download and/or stream a movie will not always be available (see Limits and Usage).


All subscribers are limited to downloading and streaming no more than 10GB a day (Japan Standard Time). Users who are subscribers for less than 3 consecutive months or those who do not request VIP membership upgrades that are available at no extra cost to any subscriber who either already is a 90-day subscriber or a monthly subscriber of 3 or more consecutive months will not be able to download movies with the 'Exclusive' designation. Streaming, however, is still possible. VIP-upgraded subscribers may only download up to 20GB a month of movies designated Exclusive. Downloading non-Exclusive and streaming Exclusive and Non-Exclusive movies is not affected by this limit. Subscribers who repeatedly hit the daily 10GB transfer limit nearly every single day may find additional restrictions placed on their current and future subscriptions. Streaming-Only subscribers may only stream movies both Exclusive and non-Exclusive up to 10GB a day.


A subscription is for one individual. You agree not to share your login information nor distribute downloaded and streamed media on any type of online or offline distribution channels such as, but not limited to, forums, file lockers, and torrents. Sharing your login credentials or distributing media will result in a cancellation of your account without a refund and your billing information will be added to a permanent blacklist. Those with nefarious intentions please note that providing unique Japanese content with exclusive English subtitles is very costly and takes many man-hours of preparation. Putting up what we provide at ZENRA without prior permission not only hurts us, but also severely impacts the Japanese AV studios whom we are partnered with.


ZENRA is designed to be accessed by human visitors. Download management clients are not officially proscribed, but you may encounter issues using them. Technical support from this end is not provided and an improperly configured client may result in incorrect bandwidth counting and invalid login attempts ultimately resulting in a temporary lock on your subscription lasting several hours (if you find yourself locked out, please contact support for faster turn around in most situations). If we suspect subscribers of stream capture, we may place restrictions on access or disable access entirely at our discretion. Refund requests due to subscriptions being temporarily locked out for usage of improperly configured download managers and/or unable to access movies on the site due to suspected stream capture use will not be provided.


Cookies are used to track users and their authentication status when accessing the private area of ZENRA. They are also used in both the public and private areas when users add pages to their site-stored favorites list. If cookies are disabled, you may experience issues staying logged into the private area or may not be able to log in at all. If you use any type of software that blocks ads, be sure to add ZENRA.net to your exceptions list to avoid usability issues.


Refunds for subscription orders (either 30 day or 90 day subscriptions both recurring and non-recurring) may be given on a case by case basis provided no more than thirty calendar days have passed since initial purchase. If you wish to request a refund, please contact support. Subscribers who chargeback transactions will have a lifetime ban for access to ZENRA both as a visitor and a subscriber.