Japanese Gyaru RUMIKA

Published February 28, 2015

#Subtitled #Uncensored #ClassicJAV

Tan Japanese gyaru RUMIKA performs her swan song without a shred of mosaic and with ample focus on uncensored hardcore play with English subtitles.

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RUMIKA - Sadistic Gyaru Inamorata Uncensored
with English Subtitles

"Japanese gyaru are making something of a comeback" – Many a magazine both online and in print have reported this. Most modern Japanese associate gyaru with tanning salon gold card-carrying members complete with big, tawny hair sprayed to the ten's and accessories...holy hell, the gaudy accessories. Artificially geared for the summer no matter what time of year it is with an outfit that all too well complements their urge to never throw youth to the curb.

Gyaru Japanese AV started to become popular in the latter part of the last decade. The gyaru culture as well peaked around the same time. Probably more coincidence than anything else though it's safe to say the era of late-night tanning salon binges could only last for so long (yes, Japanese tanning salons frequently maintain 24 hours-a-day business hours). Saturation reached a fever pitch around this time and interest in hyperactive Japanese women with looks so eerily distant from the norm waned into near nothingness.

This era brought about some popular AV stars. Many were featured in a certain bus tour which had its very own gyaru edition. This tour had two hosts: Mana Izumi and RUMIKA. The heavens have aligned as the latter decided before retiring from adult video to partake in a very sex-heavy uncensored production. The former, although quite popular in her own right has opted out of taking part--possibly due to her 'no makeup' scandal from around the same time.

Sadistic Gyaru Inamorata starring RUMIKA is not what one could call a story-heavy production. There are instances of heavy teasing dialog (subtitled in English of course), but don't expect anything groundbreaking here. Rather, this is a title that puts RUMIKA in the passenger seat of a masochist. Although she naturally gives off a somewhat sadistic vibe that's near impossible to quell, being teased over the course of this 120 uncensored coupling of all things naughty is what she has signed up for.

Teasing of every sort including one fun scene featuring RUMIKA being walked around the unforgiving studio seemingly constructed almost entirely out of cold concrete. It would have been nice to see her take charge as she's certainly more than capable, but this production veers towards safety by means of an anonymous cast of actors whose faces (thankfully) remain off camera for the most part.

Not everything about this heavy title is safe though: being uncensored, all bets are off for 'safe sex' and all the sex scenes end in nakadashi (ejaculating inside without pulling out) and the camera is not shy about zooming in to prove the reality of this. There is no cheating by means of cutting the shot away during the final moments of male climax. What you see is what actually happened.

Calling this one of the best productions in modern Japanese AV history may not be totally accurate. Even amongst its uncensored peers both on ZENRA and elsewhere, it doesn't rank that high up there. What could of made this title even better was the aforementioned role-switching suggestion. Seeing RUMIKA take on sadistic roles perhaps for one or two femdom scenes would have been blessing. Also each scene begins with some very loud and quite out of place music for an AV production. We apologize for any gaps in the translation during these instances, but forensic subtitling is on a different level of difficulty.

Sadistic Gyaru Inamorata starring RUMIKA may not be perfect, but it's still a decent uncensored look at one gyaru AV star's last hurrah before retirement. Not long after this shoot, she disbanded from the Japanese adult industry, dropped the tan, and put on a white dress for her wedding. AV stars sometimes return to the industry, but this does not seem too likely with RUMIKA though one can never know for sure.

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