Japanese Dynasty Sacrifice Subtitled

Published September 27, 2014

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When teasing becomes too much to handle a protective Japanese milf with massive breasts throws herself into lascivious danger with English subtitles.

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Dynasty Sacrifice with Rika Fujishita
with English Subtitles

Japanese schooling has its pros and cons for sure. Just like every other educational system in the world, it's not all rosy, but it does have its good points. Depending on whom you ask, the cons gradually start to outweigh the pros the further one advances towards graduation and one major issue that starkly contrasts it with schools in the west is the unchanging study body.

Almost without exception you will share a classroom from the morning until the bell rings in the afternoon with the same 39 or so students regardless of academic ability and passion to learn. Smart students become bored out of their minds and then there are the students who simply don't care along with the few that truly need extra help. On one hand, it promotes working as a group to overcome issues, but on the other, it holds back people who could do more.

It also fosters teasing that goes on and on without respite. Too many teachers are simply beyond caring.

Takashi-kun, unfortunately, is shown to be the target of this. His actual situation at school is not front-and-center in this production, but it does present itself as the backdrop to the nefarious events that coalesce leading to a questionably happy outcome for him...via the lascivious sacrifice his female guardian chooses to make.

Rika Fujishita is deeply concerned about him. Teasing is apparent when she sees his friend, Hashimoto-kun, from many years ago confronting him along with his hellion cohorts. They have him up against a fence and are searching for money--or perhaps his Game Boy (which he is seen playing on later). Her timing saved his day, but also brought about thoughts about how his friends have severely changed for the worse over time.

Something had to be done about this. With her husband always away on business trips, she became the kinda-sorta paterfamilias of their upscale residence (they even have a fireplace!) and yearns for her increasingly saturnine charge to start eating dinner with her rather than holing up in his room all day. Bit by bit, he's turning into a Japanese outcast who never steps foot outside--also known as a Hikikomori.

Rika Fujishita eventually reached a decision. It was finally time to confront Hashimoto-kun, Takashi's one-time friend and lead teaser in the group of thugs who accosted him the other day.

Hashimoto-kun's residence is nowhere near as bedizen as Takashi's as shown by the extra narrow door leading into the kitchen--a staple of Japanese construction from the era BEFORE the economic miracle bubble even began.

"I was wondering if you could get along better with Takashi like you used to when you were younger...", pleaded a distraught Mrs. Fujishita.

Hashimoto-kun knew where this was going and had a reply ready: "If you're going to ask that of me...then lick me."

Chagrin of the highest order from Rika Fujishita only works for so long before impromptu foreplay with heavy tongue action commences. She's surprised, but strangely attracted and as the scene plays on, more and more of her milf quality body becomes exposed culminating with the dual appearance of her magnificently large breasts. Those who enjoy huge breasts on a slightly older woman with ample amounts of sag will be in heaven...and if you don't like that? Well, sorry.

Sex between a Japanese housewife with many years of experience--or the lack of it in Rika Fujishita's case--and a younger man full of coltish sexual energy is a sight to behold. He's carnal and determined and eventually has his way. The late-afternoon lighting makes the scene almost have a dreamlike quality with pleasant golden hues from outside limning her hanging and swaying breasts. Whomever was in charge of lighting should be commended. This was a great job to an already well-done scene.

As Dynasty Sacrifice progresses, we see Hashimoto-kun amending his relationship with Takashi. He's even shown at Takashi's house tutoring him on how to beat whatever game he is playing on his portable. Rika Fujishita watched this with a well-earned smile to which Hashimoto-kun took notice. In the kitchen they went for another round of the naughty though this scene featured only some foreplay of the oral variety.

The main event--the Dynasty Sacrifice if you will--came later on with some extra help in the form of Hashimoto-kun's entire posse of hellions shown at the beginning of the production.

Calling what they do group sex may be pushing it since the number of female participants numbered only one. A devil's foursome would be the more appropriate term though in true polite Japanese fashion, they each took their turn--outside of some foreplay involving double blowjobs with some help from below by means of slurpy facesitting. Takashi himself decided to come home early from cram school and became a participant in this nefarious sex event.

Rika Fujishita was not aware at first as she had a blindfold on as she was in the middle of 'Guess the Penis' and she sadly made an epic snafu when it came time for the bareback intercourse portion. Takashi, below and erect, allowed her to mount him before returning the favor later on in missionary position on a very used leather sofa. There, with big breasts jiggling with each impressive thrust, Takashi emptied himself all over her chest with a very formidable ejaculation. His virginity was a thing of the past and with that, everyone was happy.

We see at the end how Hashimoto-kun finally invited soft-spoken Takashi to join his gang of friends and they leave his house almost certainly off to no good. Rika Fujishita remained where she was on the dining room table. Naked from head to toe, wet, disheveled, and coated with semen from multiple partners. Is she happy? She said so many a time during her rowdy devil's sex experience and perhaps she was authentic. At least Takashi found friends who would accept him provided she remains open for business whenever their desires surface--and going by their age and vigor, it's bound to be daily.

A production such as Dynasty Sacrifice falls into the category of dramatic suspense. There is a story and with it, sex acts of the most nefarious kind are carried out. Rika Fujishita along with her new-found partners played their roles well as this was significantly more than a simple hardcore production. Exclusive English subtitling is included so you will always remain in the know about what is occurring on her sultry road to bliss


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