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Published August 19, 2008

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Nana Natsume in one of her final productions lends herself out as a Japanese masturbation assistant in a great variety of virtual POV scenarios with subtitles.

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Nana Natsume Helps You With Your Masturbation
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It may be hard to believe but once upon a time Nana Natsume, the uber-milf seen above, once worked a very public white collar job. No, she wasn't an office lady in a large conglomerate. Rather, she was a dental hygienist who turned to news and eventually was lured into the sultry world of adult entertainment. With her mature looks even from a young age (she debuted in her early twenties), she was coined the milf to end all milfs even before she was technically worthy of the title.

Nevertheless, with her mature mannerisms and dominant roles in many of her films, she has taken on a level of popularity and more importantly, lasting power, that few Japanese adult film stars can maintain. In fact, her popularity has extended beyond the well-trodden path of traditional adult video and she is known across the world as something as a sultry starlet. Even back home, there are many rather unorthodox tributes to her lusty glamor such as the Nana Natsume-themed apartments in western Honshu.

Today though, we are graced with Nana doing what she does best, and that's being the controller of men. In a fantastic example of Japanese CFNM (and some scenes where Nana joins her charge by going totally naked as well) meets sensual handjobs performed by a certified Japanese cougar, Nana shows us the utmost zenith of her skilled hands and soothing voice as she goes through the usual pumping motions with glee and a naughty twinkle in her eyes.

The first scene already shows a very naked Ms. Natsume who alternates between using her ample exposed breasts and soft hands to pleasure a nameless volunteer in the first of many POV scenes that this production contains. While whispering sweet-nothings she softly and casually pumps and rubs her tits and hard nipples against his pulsing shaft urging him to ejaculate when the moment is pristine and frankly, with her devilish yet beautiful, face locking eye contact and never letting go, it must be hard to resist jizzing way ahead of time!

Later on, we see a younger-looking Nana thanks to her choice of attire in two scenes that both take the everyday handjob and turn it into something a bit more kinky by the use of used panties and toys respectively. In the panty scene in particular, the view is superb as a bottomless Nana shows off her most private and exposed region to us while she kneels on all fours and massages your cock with her wet, pink, panties all the while looking back at you and urging you to 'finish'.

For the folks who like to take care of business themselves, the naked and convivial Nana lies supine in her birthday suit above your hard cock as you graciously pump it to her crooning advances. Seeing this around thirty—or 'araso' as it's called now in Japan—beauty in every sense of the word lie totally naked with her licentious gaze meeting yours while you pump away at your hardon with unchained gusto is most certainly one of the seven wonders of the modern world and as we see is a long and fruitful one with a bountifully satisfying conclusion.

I could go on and on about every scene in this amazing production but rather than bore you with the details of everything that goes on, it's best to leave some things to the imagination (or you can simple view it anytime you pleasure). However, there is one scene in particular in the latter half of this flick that deserves special mention due to it being by far one of the best naughty-Japanese-nurse-gives-CFNM-handjobsscenes ever put on film:

We are greeted by a stunning Nana in a long-sleeve Japanese nurse uniform complete with white bonnet as she has you, the patient remove your pants and underwear exposing your flaccid (for the time being) member. Today, she has been instructed to give you a special cleaning down south for a future penis examination and while she carefully with a nurse's precision lathers, soaps, caresses, touches, and even pumps your hard shaft and tight testicles, she talks about everyday mundane matters with you with a cheerful grin. Eventually, the pumps become more and more rhythmic and before you know it, your lust reaches a breachable level and you end up ejaculating all over Nurse Natsume's skilled hands. Rather than being upset, Nana shows no dudgeon, rather, while still slowly pumping out the last bit of your hot, sticky semen, she consoles YOU by mentioning that what just happened is a common occurrence and you shouldn't have to worry about it. Maybe she will help you again tomorrow off the clock...

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Erina Toda Debut
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