Izakaya Waitress AV Debut

Published April 27, 2016

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An uncensored HD look at a real Japanese waitress who decides to give in to her perverted side by appearing in an AV title shot in a love hotel by DREAMROOM.

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Izakaya Waitress AV Debut
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You can work part-time at pretty much any 'entry-level' establishment in Japan and make semi-decent money.  Being salaried here in your twenties is more akin to modern slavery than a valid way to save for the future.  Thus, there are many young folk such as the star of today's release, MARINA MIKAWA, who opt to flit from one part-time job to another to make ends meet.  This also helps them feel more independent about what they can and can't do.

Unfortunately, the pay still isn't that great while working at a restaurant such as an izakaya.  A stark contrast from American restaurants is the lack of a tipping custom in Japan.  Here, the pay is a lot higher than what the wait staff in USA may make, but surprise bonuses from bacchanalian parties never happens.

This puts someone like MARINA in a tight spot since there's only so much she can do with her monthly paychecks (yes, pay usually only is once a month in Japan).  Being somewhat perverted at heart (her confession, her words), she thought it over some and decided now's a better time than ever to have her AV DEBUT.

MARINA has been working at the same izakaya as a 'hall staff' (waitress) for two years now and going by the perkiness of her interview, she rather enjoys it.  However, she's been single for longer than she would like to be and can be incredibly lonely at times.  She does occasionally succumb to nanpa though so there's that.

IZAKAYA WAITRESS AV DEBUT features MARINA alongside SEIGO HASHIMOTO, an AV actor some of you may be familiar with.  He's the good-looking gentleman with the long, wavy hair and a natural tan.  He's incredibly suave and knows how to keep an interview going without awkward silences all the while segueing conversation towards increasingly raunchy topics.

We know that many a time 'amateurs' in Japanese AV titles are anything but.  Most often they may be amateurs to being filmed, but have extensive experiences in the water industry and/or brothels.  Nevertheless, we're pretty confident when we say that MARINA MIKAWA comes off towards the authentic side of the amateur spectrum.  The beefy ten minute pre-game interview presented us with a believably shy and young Japanese woman who truly gave off a 'curious about sex' vibe.

About midway through this release, there was a few moments where MARINA was pleasing herself with a Magic Wand.  This was one of the most realistic uses of it we've ever seen.  It wasn't smashed up against her womanhood which is a common trend on other releases.  Rather, it was just her lightly rubbing it against her clitoris while SEIGO took some off-camera time to strip down.  We love these kinds of moments in Japanese AV.  When they happen, it's hard not to feel a bit of frisson.

The progression from interview to foreplay to full-on intercourse was very natural.  What's more, the lighting and audio were stellar.  MARINA MIKAWA with her cute button-nose (which looks almost the same as the one belonging to KAORU OSHIMA!) looked amazing.  We can't really find anything to fault so if amateur Japanese woman having sex in an uncensored full HD title is up your alley, you've landed on the right page.

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