The Hiyori Shiraishi Playing Guide

Published January 20, 2016

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Busty and naive Hiyori Shiraishi returns for an uncensored outing featuring her in increasingly revealing outfits by VIRTUAL WAVE.

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The Hiyori Shiraishi Playing Guide
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Most adult video in Japan is produced in the Tokyo area.  This isn't due to any draconian zoning regulations though.  Fortunately, you can pretty much shoot anywhere you want in this country unlike in USA where shooting porn is legal in only a scant few.  Nevertheless, being Tokyo-oriented, a large amount of the talent is from the same area with few examples of those coming from slightly farther such as a few exports from Kansai (western Honshu) and Kyushu.  What's rare are the well-known AV stars with roots further north.  There's less people up there and thus not as many amongst their women willing to venture to the hustle and bustle that is Tokyo.

But there are a few.  One such example is HIYORI SHIRAISHI, a Hokkaido native, who had a very active career as an adult video star that began during the high holy years of the Japanese AV golden age.  She tiptoed into the industry in 2002 and hung around for quite a bit longer than your average adult video star.

HIYORI SHIRAISHI's output was abundant, but relatively tame.  Unlike CHIHIRO HASEGAWA, another famous star from the same era whom we featured recently, HIYORI's output generally was with more straight-forward themes.  We actually showed a title featuring her last year and today's release by comparison is slightly more hardcore-oriented.

THE HIYORI SHIRAISHI PLAYING GUIDE is the English translation of the original title for today's update.  It's also a pretty good yet generic explanation of what goes on in this 90 minute release.  Also, like HIYORI's previous update with us at ZENRA, this is another de-censored title from the VIRTUAL WAVE archive.  In other words, this originally was a release filmed for the domestic Japanese market which meant private parts were censored, but the uncensored master tapes were re-released for foreign use.

This is great news for fans who want to see some rather famous Japanese AV stars from the somewhat recent past in a unique, uncensored way that normally would never be possible.  Although quasi-legal uncensored Japanese AV has been around since the internet caught on in the late 90's/early 2000's, the trend of doing a few uncensored titles for extreme pay only became common only since the aught's became the 2010's.  Thus, HIYORI SHIRAISHI missed the extra payday boat by a very scant margin.

Anyway, about this production and about HIYORI SHIRAISHI:  well, we don't know her life story, but we do like what she shows in this release.  She's only a few years past her high school graduation and still has an unsullied crystalline voice that hints at a blessed tobacco virginity.  What's more, she may not be THICK, but she certainly has some cushion both in the legs, butt, and of course breasts with the latter being supernal material.

Nothing truly groundbreaking happens during this release, but that does not mean it should be ignored.  By any means, this was a fun hardcore title that featured HIYORI SHIRAISHI in some very revealing and at times outlandish uniform choices not at the cosplay level of audacity, but still pretty revealing in all the nice ways.  The second scene in particular has her in a shirt with way more holes than factory standard which works well to the viewer's advantage given her sound choice of going bra-less.

Some of the editing in this release left much to be desired.  The third scene was one of those somewhat interlude scenes between two hardcore acts.  HIYORI SHIRAISHI is shown playing with herself.  The camera has a strange filter on it that you sometimes see in more dramatic titles when something visually profound is happening.  Here, it's used too long and the scene would have been better with some music.  Without it, the viewer ends up hearing some other aural disturbances that should of been scattered all over the cutting room floor such as an actual exchange between the director and HIYORI--or the real person playing her.

Being an uncensored (or de-censored) release makes up for the lack some of the editing choices in the HIYORI SHIRAISHI PLAYING GUIDE.  Again, like previous releases from this Japanese AV production company, camera angles were considered for mosaic inclusion which makes for titles that don't feature seconds-turning-into-minutes of zoomed in vaginas with every studio light west of Akihabara lighting--or drying it up.  What we see is slightly more natural and authentic and we like that.

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