Ai Sakura - Hairless Tokyo University Student

Published January 24, 2018

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Prestigious university student Ai Sakura has her JAV debut via this uncensored amateur release via DREAMROOM featuring a nakadashi conclusion.

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Ai Sakura - Hairless Tokyo University Student
with English Subtitles

She’s finally arrived!  A new guest that raises the bar so high we may never be able to catch it again!  Meet Ai Sakura, a drop-dead gorgeous young woman attending one of the most prestigious universities in Tokyo.  Yes, she really does attend [Redacted] University!  Can you believe it?!  She’s a dream come true:  young and beautiful, a voice that’s pure burikko, and many times smarter than I’ll ever be!

Even after filming this, I’m still shocked that such a beautiful poindexter also has such a strong passion for sex.  I think her nocturnal appetite may even outweigh her yearning to exceed in higher education!

Now get this:  she’s got a boyfriend!  Now also get this:  he’s not enough for her!  She loves studying, she loves romance, but most of all she loves sex!  At only 20 years old, she may barely be an adult, but she’s had over 30 partners!  And most have been ‘raw’ encounters if you get my drift.

‘Regular’ sexuality and Ai Sakura DO NOT mix.  Not at all!  What she wants is something way out of the box and thankfully she’s came to the right person:  me!

-Translated and touched up blurb for today's update.

Alright, I made a little fib with the title of today's update.  AI SAKURA does not nor ever has been a student of the super prestigious Tokyo University.  However, I've rock solid proof thanks to this update's provided documentation that during the filming of this DREAMROOM title originally shown on their amateur site 10Musume that she was a student of the very respected [Redacted] University.  This is considered one of the top universities in Japan so yes, not only is AI a knockout, but she's a smart one too!

Do take note that both in this title and it's spiritual sequel we'll be showing in a few weeks, she was billed as KOTOMI TADAMI, but she actually had quite the career as a JAV star under the much more popular moniker of AI SAKURA.  Thus, that's the way we opted to bill her.  She's addressed once in this update as KOTOMI, but otherwise like in other amateur titles released by 10Musume, she's a pretty nameless face that we cum into after some up close and personal foreplay.

The format of HAIRLESS TOKYO UNIVERSITY STUDENT is what you'd expect and pretty much follows similar previous releases to a T.  What I found interesting though was the initial interview portion before the actual play began as it ran much longer than normal.  This time we're gifted to 15 minutes of near non-stop back-and-forth dialog and before you skip ahead, do note that it's of course fully subtitled in English and the conversation topics are pretty interesting.

AI makes mention of being in a 'social circle' which finally gives me a chance to introduce something I've been meaning to write about for some time:  within colleges in Japan (and probably elsewhere), there exists 'clubs' that essentially have no theme.  It's more of just a way for young people to congregate and hang out.  This author never belonged to one in his younger and dumber days because he was a loser, but for a short time he participated in activities held by BRAIN, a 'social circle' based in Osaka.  This one was all about gyaru and gyaru-o congregating at night clubs and partying.  I was young and dumb, but have no regrets.

Anyway, back to talking about HAIRLESS with AI SAKURA.  Actually, let's talk a bit about the actress herself:  AI is stunning.  There's no doubt about it and I'm elated that we're going to be showing her at least once more.  She has a perfect face affixed to a perfect body.  She's totally hairless and nearly blemish-free.  She's something special and I'm surprised her first foray into JAV was via a pair of uncensored titles that even featured real nakadashi.

Due to that packing interview, you can consider the first portion of this update to be a 'talkie', but dialog falls almost entirely to the wayside as there's barely a dozen lines from AI's solo masturbation scene onward.  Talking is replaced with sex and a lot of it!  Thankfully, this was a title that made use of a cameraman (many of 10Musume titles are totally self-shot) so some choice angles were put to film and the shakiness that even a skilled actor/director/cameraman can't help but include is pretty much absent.  This may not be a picture-perfect title--and it certainly doesn't hold a candle to some of the other titles we show from other studios--but it's not bad by any means.  It's definitely worth a watch or three.

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