Natsumi Yuki - Going Out Without Bra and Panties

Published April 3, 2024

#Subtitled #HD #Uncensored

Japanese MILF turned true superheroine who possesses a body of pure dynamite once all clothes and inhibitions are shed.

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Timing and Translation by JM84

There's something we can all agree on: NATSUMI YUKI is kind of like a JAV Clark Kent: dressed with glasses (as was shown in the previous update before fun times began), she may be something of a small city flyover, but good golly, when clothes drop, she's a darn near superheroine. Frankly, even in the face, she isn't bad, but of course, comparing her to some of the top performers in the industry, one can see why this performer had so little work in mainstream before finding a wee bit more success with uncensored releases.

Our first outing with NATSUMI YUKI was in a way brief and to the point: a street pickup and love hotel slay. Here in her second DREAMROOM appearance, it's still brief at a svelte 60 minutes, and in a way contains similar elements, but rather than a street pickup, we get some light--OK, very light--outdoor exposure. GOING OUT WITHOUT BRA AND PANTIES is true to its title, but unlike the BEAUTY DUOLOGY, this one's an almost entirely indoor affair and sadly, that awesome lighting from the love hotel (if you can believe it!) is absent for a dreary bedroom. It's kind of funny for long-term JAV fans because almost every time that ho-hum actor appears in a movie, it's always in concert with a crappy barebones set. He may get the beauty, but an interior decorator he is not!

At its core, this is a simple movie. It features a babe who is the MILF we need, but do not deserve. The title hints at something considerably more grandiose than what we get, the bedroom is depressing and the lighting as well will not receive praise. Nevertheless, it still checks the boxes of a decent JAV movie thanks to NATSUMI's outstanding natural figure and performance capabilities.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 309

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Actress is dynamite when clothes are shed.

+Some outdoor exposure and risky foreplay.


-Outdoor play does not last long.

-Lighting and set less than ideal.

-Pull out, not creampie finish.

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