Natsumi Yuki - Young Wife Tokyo Nanpa Shibuya Edition

Published October 11, 2023

#Subtitled #HD #Uncensored

A true dynamite body and possessed by someone who could be the Japanese office lady next door! Creampies whole-heartedly accepted.

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Natsumi Yuki - Young Wife Tokyo Nanpa Shibuya Edition

Timing and Translation by JM84

If there ever was an example of "Japanese OL gone naughty", look no further than NATSUMI YUKI. The total female Clark Kent who at first glance may appear as nondescript as they get, but when clothes are shed, good golly a body that can bring about world peace is unveiled! That, my friends, is what we have here. I'm impressed and what's more, in spite of being one of those lower budget love hotel flicks, the lighting is solid and does wonders to already accentuate her naturally blessed curves. Everything is on display and gosh does it look great.

YOUNG WIFE TOKYO NANPA SHIBUYA EDITION is exactly what the title entails, no more, no less. This is street pickup--a tiny bit at the beginning, mind you--followed by a very successful no rubber raw sex love hotel lay concluding with one of DREAMROOM's authentic creampie finishes. Far from a movie that reinvents the wheel and one that has most everything going against it, I'm elated the end result is so surprisingly commendable.

We don't get to find too much out about NATSUMI. The initial outdoor portion was brief and sexy times happen almost right away. Stepping back some, she was an active JAV star for a little while appearing in movies both mainstream and anything but. Not really one to carry a movie as few who begin to appear already in their 30's (or older) are able to do that beyond a few initial 'debut' releases, but nevertheless, performed in releases that like this one, did good jobs in showing why ignoring her would be a grave mistake.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 177

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+This, folks, is the quintessential J-MILF dynamite body.
+Surprisingly great visuals for a lower budget self-shot release.
+Real creampie finish.


-Nanpa in its name, but nanpa does not last long!

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