The Private Parts Guessing Game - Switching Geezers with JAV Actors at the Last Moment

Published March 4, 2024

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The weird JAV game show of legendary acclaim this time with voluptuous women deciding whether to do it with old men or an uncannily handsome actor.

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Timing and Translation by ZENRA

There are many things that make THE PRIVATE PARTS GUESSING GAME - SWITCHING GEEZERS WITH JAV ACTORS AT THE LAST MOMENT a very unique edition to the series. The title itself for starters. While the lore even predates my ken around the series, apparently early on one of the first themes employed matched the title and since then fans have been longing for a sequel. As a fan of the nascent hotwife genre, this had me sold, but does it hold up? Or did ROCKET somehow drop the ball?

Like our most recent update from this legendary series, once again RIRI KOUDA is absent as the host (though recently has returned looking better than ever!). Fortunately, AYAME ICHINOSE whom already did a surprisingly good job in the previous release was just as good here. She may not be RIRI level, but I salute the effort. Casting was also wisely done with all three women being curvy with for this author at least HONO WAKAMIYA whom had tons of time to shine in the second round, coincidentally the only one of the three to actually make good use of the surprisingly handsome and suave JAV actor whom I haven't seen before nor since, being the most easy on the eyes (great face, great breasts, great butt!).

It may be obvious to some, but from the tone of this review, the amount of gushing praise showered upon previous updates may not be evident this time. And it's true. In some ways, this edition had a great plot and gets good marks for casting, but it also felt the tamest as well. Harem sex, weird pregnancy tests, sex in front of clothed female participants all watching in shock all are missing. Each of the three rounds ends in somewhat tame one-on-one encounters and while we do get an element of cuckolding in the second scene, it does not last long.

As a PRIVATE PARTS GUESSING GAME title, this one may not live up to some of the previous ones, but it's still a fun JAV movie. If it stood on its own without comparing it to previous iterations, it would receive high praise by us (and most anyone into weird JAV). This time though, it's difficult to subjectively write on it as if it was released in a bubble. Thus, stay for the visuals, the unique though under-utilized selling point, and don't ruminate too hard on past outings. The next few editions at least definitely return to more familiar ground and a very familiar host!

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 1236

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+All three actresses nail voluptuous.

+For this series at least, the main theme is unique.

+Ayame really coming into her own as the host.


-No harem penalty game finales.

-Namesake only happens in one scene and is too short for its own good.

-Rivalry aspect lacking.

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