Schoolgirl AV Audition with Akina Nakahara

Published March 30, 2016

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Jane of all trades AKINA NAKAHARA plays a curious quote unquote Japanese schoolgirl who stumbles upon the uncensored chance of a lifetime.

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Schoolgirl AV Audition with Akina Nakahara
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What sells more than ever in Japanese AV are naivety, schoolgirls, and sex.  This is the undisputed formula to make a popular title and is also the reason why you see so many studios--both large and small--push out releases centering on this theme.  What fans (at least in Japan) like more than anything are actresses who truly pull off the innocent act with ease and also are still young and malleable.

The popularity of the confused schoolgirl on the AV circuit can also be seen as an analog to Japanese culture as a whole where the forever diminished youth are pushed out from college campuses into the 'real world'.  There in navy blue recruit suits they blend in as much as possible hoping for thankless employment and stability.  You can make the connection that the older staff at AV companies have been directly affected by this phenomenon and want to to keep the innocence and bewilderness alive in their releases.

After all, it's what fans also want.

Now enter...ahem..."AKINA NAKAHARA", an actress who was in her early twenties while filming today's update, SCHOOLGIRL AV AUDITION and interestingly has went by more alternative stage names than we've ever seen before.

So yes, you can say this release stars AKINA NAKAHARA, but it's also fine to replace that name with NANOHA AMANE, NANAKO YOSHIKAWA, and SHIORI CHIGASAKI with NANOHA being her most most active moniker.  The reason for all the name changes probably is less about breaking a contract (she never was too active to merit one) and more to stay under the radar.  As we reported on My Dearest Desire, one of the biggest fears of those appearing in the AV industry in front of the cameras is being caught.  A viable method to continue acting and receiving nice paychecks, but reducing the risk of unwanted exposure are multiple acting aliases.

Of course the downside to this all is making it tough to amass fans, but not every woman doing Japanese AV is there to become popular and famous.  For every starry eyed AYU SAKURAI, there are dozens of other women working in smaller roles who are there for the money and not much else and going by AKINA NAKAHARA's fragmented career, she almost certainly belongs in this group.

SCHOOLGIRL AV AUDITION is an AV release neither about schoolgirls nor auditions.  Rather, if you're already familiar with previous uncensored releases such as these featuring AZUSA NAGASAWA, then you should already know what to expect.

Yup, it's got JUN ODAGIRI doing his shtick followed by other familiar actors in the uncensored circuits also having their way with an outgoing, but believably embarrassed AKINA.  There's the sex toys-aplenty scene--actually two of them!  Over the 110 minute running time of this HD release AKINA is explored most licentiously in pretty much every way possible (sorry folks, she didn't sign up for anal sex for this title!).

We can't say we loved it from a English subtitling standpoint.  Even for a non-drama title, dialog may have been heavy at times, but was not life-changing.  The previous week's update with AKIRA WATASE is a much better representation of document AV even though it runs a bit shorter.

Another negative was the actor they...can we say selected?  It's hard to think a studio paying tens of thousands of dollars would do this, but the actor who was 'chosen' for the second scene did not do anything to help the 'Asian man = small penis' stereotype.  What's more, his method of masturbation was awfully strange and even AKINA giving him encouragement by often repeating her 'What a huge dick!' mantra did not help much in getting him hard.  Nevertheless, somehow he completed the act and his milky output was mildly commendable so there's that.

SCHOOLGIRL AV AUDITION does have some merits:  although the sound was not recorded so well, the lack of a competent sound engineer was made up by some impressive camerawork and lighting.  AKINA NAKAHARA is a natural beauty whose impressive lithe figure was shown in the best of light.

And with that, we tip our hats to this lovely gem of a release, but they go back on right away as the weather's cold and our we're a bit hard of hearing from all that forensic subtitling needed for this update.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 669

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