Flower Sex Document with Akira Watase

Published March 23, 2016

#Subtitled #ClassicJAV

Super pale and long-legged Japanese AV star of yesteryear AKIRA WATASE has no qualms about engaging some somewhat unconventional sex by GUTS.

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Flower Sex Document with Akira Watase
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Japanese AV moves in cycles.  What once is hot is hot no longer and its replacement is often a polar opposite.  A salient example is the extreme gyaru culture that peaked in the late 2000's before simmering once again.  You had top A-rank adult video stars that looked like platinum members of various Shinjuku tanning salons.  Before that the focus was on women with more natural skin tones.

You had your milky white MIKO HAYAMA and of course the immensely popular AKIRA WATASE with the latter being the star of this special documentary-style AV release by GUTS.

For those not familiar with the term--or just need a little brushing up--Japanese AV releases can mainly be split into two shooting styles:  documentary-style and drama-style.  Drama-style is something we haven't shown much on ZENRA (yet...).  These are titles with heavy story-lines and have more of a salacious soap opera feel along with heavy amounts of sex.  Documentary-style releases are way more common and although lack a certain contrived story, still have a feeling of a beginning and an end.

Good examples of documentary AV releases on ZENRA are so numerous that we recommend you simply peruse the search results for that term to get an idea of what titles falling under this umbrella consist of.

FLOWER SEX DOCUMENT with AKIRA WATASE is essentially AKIRA WATASE being naughty while playing herself for the bulk of the production and a semi-believable lewd teacher for the other portion.  AKIRA's definitely your ideal Japanese woman if you like pale skin on a lithe frame with legs that don't seem to ever end.  In fact, at 1.68 m (5'6"), AKIRA was one of the taller women in the industry before retiring for good quite awhile back.

Her height in FLOWER is put to good use.  In fact, one scene that focuses heavily on tickle play features a loquacious actor who can't stop ogling at her long legs.  She's embarrassed at the extra attention, but puts on a good show and they continue onward with further foreplay culminating in bareback sex.  Scenes like this feature a ton of dialog which we put in a great deal of effort into providing English subtitles for.  In fact, aside from the first scene of FLOWER, this was a very dialog-intense title thanks to a rather outgoing AKIRA WATASE.

Bareback sex was one of the many neat things about this release.  Although nakadashi (ejaculating inside without pulling out) was absent in all the sex scenes, condoms did not seem to be used.  Yes, this is a censored title originally intended for domestic distribution hence the mosaic, but it did not seem like the actors were wrapping up.  And given the thin mosaic used in titles released around this time (mosaic also moves in cycles!), it was pretty easy to tell.

Food and sex were also put to good use in FLOWER with the final scene featuring AKIRA WATASE going to town on some Bulgaria Yogurt (a famous brand of yogurt in Japan).  Along with simply eating it, she sloppily emptied it all over her body with heavy focus on erogenous zones that a confused yet horny cameraman lapped up before urging for harder play.

AKIRA WATASE had a career almost three times longer than average.  Her time to shine as a popular AV star lasted for almost six years where she ambitiously starred in various titles from softcore image videos to extreme bukkake fests.  She also famously flew to LA in one of the earlier cross-culture Japanese AV shoots that has since spawned many sequels and copycats.  Will we show any of these on ZENRA?  We can't give you a positive yes, but given enough demand, we'll see what we can do!

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