Unbelievably Unstable Mao Suzuki Nakadashi Surprise

Published March 29, 2017

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Amateur nanpa by DREAMROOM starring the highly introverted Mao Suzuki who finds herself in for a surprise come the conclusion of this uncensored title.

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Unbelievably Unstable Mao Suzuki Nakadashi Surprise
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Thanks to the hikikomori phenomenon not going anywhere--thanks to the internet for making it stronger--we're seeing more and more Japanese people put on the mask of the ever-on introvert.  Even when one's out in public, it's way too common to see an unhealthy amount of folk donning medical masks with earphones set in place while looking down at their smartphone.  Yes, some people do sometimes have illnesses that best be alleviated by wearing one, but many simply opt to cover half their face as a way to shut themselves out from the world at large.

I think if MAO SUZUKI was not taking part in today's nanpa update, she'd be one of these types.  She's super demure and incredibly quiet.  Even with decent audio, it was an unusually grueling challenge to make out what she was saying, but we went gung-ho all-in and feel we captured her 'performance' rather well.

UNBELIEVABLY UNSTABLE MAO SUZUKI NAKADASHI SURPRISE is a kinda-sorta straight-forward amateur nanpa title released on one of DREAMROOM's Japanese-language paysites a few years ago.  This site, 10Musume, is all about picking up amateurs off the street for sex.  The themes for most updates rarely veer from this (and you can see for yourself by checking out our amateur nanpa section linked above).  We don't mind though.  Although ZENRA is a Japanese AV site that generally shows more 'unique' movies, we've no qualms with occasionally showing something more sublunary.  Sometimes seeing a cute Japanese woman have vanilla sex is more than fine and can serve as a welcome breather between 'harder' titles.

MAO SUZUKI is approached in NAKADASHI SURPRISE by the camera-wielding actor/director.  He asks if she has time and wants to make some extra money for doing something 'naughty'.  Of course being a set-up (sorry for those thinking these types of movies are totally real--99.9% of the time they are not!), she agrees, but maintains the super withdrawn introvert persona.

I was a bit surprised to see him escort her to the stairwell of a very Showa-era derelict building.  I can imagine in a building like this half the offices are empty and the other half are companies that still haven't heard about Cool Biz.  There, MAO gives her own brand of fellatio which involved more nuzzling and licking than what's considered normal.  Somehow the director got off and even more amazingly convinced her to join him in the hotel where the bulk of this title was shot.

Regarding MAO's looks, what she *may* lack with an average face she makes up wholeheartedly with a fantastic body; it's just my type:  pale, busty, curvy, and all-around natural.  Yes, MAO SUZUKI boasts 'southern hair' that's as untamed as they come.  It's great for those who prefer natural women and it's best now to apologize for paipan-for-life fans.  We'll have something for those who prefer all things hairless with a future update.

Now why is this title called 'NAKADASHI SURPRISE'?  And why is MAO considered 'UNBELIEVABLY UNSTABLE'?  Two very sound questions that deserve some explanation:

'UNBELIEVABLY UNSTABLE' = this actually was part of the original Japanese-language title.  At first, it made more sense to remove it since she initially came off as quiet and reserved, but otherwise average.  However, MAO's orgasms were so unlike her hush-hush demeanor.  They were impressively loud and very out of place.  They were perfect!

'NAKADASHI SURPRISE' = the nakadashi portion of the finale wasn't the surprise itself; what came after was.  We see MAO spread with semen emptying out of her slit and out of nowhere a few random juice men cover her some more with their own brand of liquid deliverance.  Uber-surprised doesn't even begin to describe her reaction to this cum bombardment.  It was very un-MAO-like to say the least.

MAO SUZUKI may have found the final moments of her first DREAMROOM outing to be equal parts confusing and disgusting, but she did return for another title (!).  We will be showing it and this time around, she's a lot more out-going.  That one should be online in a few months.

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