Mio Kuraki - The Nurse Who Loves to Make Patients Ejaculate

Published November 9, 2022

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With the look down, this illustrious JAV star helps out a bunch of patients with buildups and even goes all the way with one right in the middle of the clinic.

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Mio Kuraki - The Nurse Who Loves to Make Patients Ejaculate
Timing and Translation by JM84

Before writing about my love of Japanese nurses (did you know according to nothing in particular 98.5% of nurses in Japan are women?), I'd like to begin with apologizing about not knowing a thing about MIO KURAKI until preparing this movie.  Originally licensing this movie on a whim, I thought she was one of those "semi-pro" JAV stars who may have done a decent amount of uncensored non-amateur releases before bowing out--something extremely common and even more so nowadays where the ability to hop industries has become frantically minuscule.  Wrong, I was.  Not necessary long, but certainly illustrious, MIO KURAKI has appeared in more mainstream censored works over her approximately four year career than those without mosaic.  Usually not in starring roles or if so, with smaller studios, there is a good chance if you have been an active fan of JAV for awhile, you may have encountered her.

It would be incredible if I could say THE NURSE WHO LOVES TO MAKE PATIENTS EJACULATE is based on a true story.  I mean imagine if that was true:  a cute Japanese nurse who helped out many male patients stuck in crummy situations.  Maybe after bathing them, she could hint at extras to help 'relieve stress' or 'buildups' or something on that note.  What we get in today's update via DREAMROOM is a bit more vanilla, unfortunately.  Filmed almost on location in a hospital that may or may not have ever been a real hospital, we get the adorable MIO doing her best imitation of a naughty nurse working magic on some familiar faces finding themselves under the care of a rather lascivious nurse.  Covered by Japan's fabulous universal health care, MIO sucks, strokes, and by the end, receives her own form of care with no rubbers in sight and pulling out only remaining an option never selected.

For what it is, I can't really find faults with this movie.  Sure, it's short, but most like it are.  Sure, at it's core it's rather basic, but it also does what it sets out to do.  MIO really does appear like a nurse and in another life I can truly imagine her being one.  I'm happy she chose JAV though.  And who knows, now retired, maybe she is donning that uniform for real somewhere living out the dream of milking patients dry for a ho-hum paycheck.

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+MIO KURAKI is cute and looks at home as a nurse.
+Extra messy cum facial (what happened to these?).
+Sex covering all bases including a real creampie.


-Even though this is a medical-themed JAV, it's still rather vanilla.
-I don't like ogres.

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