Magic Mirror Truck Becomes a Seasonal Ballet Dance Studio First Half

Published May 13, 2024

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The Magic Mirror crew is on a mission: find women who are “learning things”. Ballerinas, burlesque dancers, and more come to the rescue!

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Timing and Translation by ZENRA

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There's nothing more enjoyable than seeing amateur women somehow saunter into a bizarre JAV scenario and some time later we return seeing them in a full nelson, hot and sweaty, horny and engaged like never before as one actor enters her from the front while another (the unlucky one) simply holds her in place eagerly waiting his turn. That's what we get in this truly massive release--possibly the longest we've ever shown from SADISTIC VILLAGE's Magic Mirror releases and gosh does it deliver!

In four scenes stretching 258 minutes, we get four especially flexible women picked up around Tokyo. The premise of MAGIC MIRROR TRUCK BECOMES A SEASONAL BALLET DANCE STUDIO is to have each of them record messages for NEET fans. Of course that does happen, but the real show is everything that happens after it (except for one scene where said message happens in the middle of action!). It's a weird premise when one thinks about it: approach women walking around Ikebukuro Station and ask if they're "learning something". Like who isn't?! We see four glorious attempts and what are the chances--all four are indeed learners of things and those things happen to be various types of dancing. We've a burlesque dancer, two ballerinas, and a rhythmic gymnast (we'll count the last one as dancing and we will return to her later on in this review).

Admittedly after noticing that unlike that wild strip rock-paper-scissors update from a few months ago, this one only features one woman per scene, that this one would feature a bit less dialog. I was wrong. Today and Friday's double update is one of the few movies on our site that cross the 3,000 lines of subtitles mark (coincidentally one of the only others is also from the same series). These are fun movies and beasts to prepare, but again, they are just incredibly fun to watch and see how each woman reacts as the true motivations of the crew become known. SADISTIC VILLAGE continues to drift away from their namesake because a lot of their recent releases--and especially all in this series--are as far from 'sadistic' as one can get. They're bacchanalian without those liquids (we get squirting aplenty instead!). No teasing, nothing intense except caterwauling smiling women having the time of their lives in situations too unreal to pass up.

On that note, while a scene by scene summary won't be included, I would like to add a special mention to RURI HOSHIJIMA, the performer in the final scene. Unlike the three that come before her, she's older (claiming 26 in the movie but probably closer to 30), as confident as confident gets, has great multicolored hair, a perfect smile, is in perfect shape, and is the most flexible of the bunch by a wide margin. Oh, and from what is shown, her sexual appetites probably eclipse most actors and fans. She's a wild one and instead of this movie ending on a softer note as previous ones in the series does, SADISTIC VILLAGE wisely saves the best for last.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 3082

4 Files 4.75GB


Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+A deceivingly fantastic update to an already wild series.

+All actresses the real deal per dance credentials.

+Lots of real cumshot finishes. Actors came locked and loaded.

+I like Computer Sonoda a lot more now!


-Subtitling this reduced the life of my CTRL key by eight months.

-Buildup in first scene somewhat slow compared to others (it may be the 'staging' scene but could still have had better editing).

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