Mana Funaki - Forest Sex with the Blonde Pubic Hair Wife

Published April 24, 2024

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A message for fans of modern day Rei Kimura: we found her prototype! Just as pale, just as curvy, just as beautiful, and OK for real nakadashi.

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Timing and Translation by JM84

Several months ago (as of writing this), one of the larger pieces of news making its way through JAV Land was not the trio of omega tier debuts S1 snagged, but shortly before that it was another name, one belonging to a slightly older Japanese woman who frankly did not pack the same other-worldly proportions. But it were these flaws--if you have them--attached to the look of someone who was both beautiful yet approachable, attractive and attainable, coy yet fiery that got the attention of many. Her name? REI KIMURA. Originally debuting via DREAMROOM almost a decade ago and filming a paltry pair of relatively unspectacular movies, this former gyaru bowed out from the industry and returned with the above attributes. It was an impressive about-face and she joins the ranks of performers like MAKI HOJO who somehow keep on getting even more beautiful as they get older. Not an 'ugly duckling' per say, but you get the idea.

Today's update does NOT star REI KIMURA (though we may see about getting her older footage in the future!) which begs the question: why spend all this time talking about her then? Simple: MANA FUNAKI whom we originally showed almost a decade ago (!) is almost a proto-REI KIMURA. They look similar, they're both somewhat busty, both pale, both quite spotted, both around the same age (when this was shot), and both give off the same aloof yet approachable aura. That MANA has appeared in so few movies and none recent (not counting re-releases) may have led a few to make the connection, but there you have it. Fans of modern day REI KIMURA should check out MANA FUNAKI.

FOREST SEX WITH THE BLONDE PUBIC HAIR WIFE is very similar to our previous outing with MANA. Shot by the same guy (whom I have nicknamed "Hands" for reasons that can be explained another time) with the addition of an actor this time, it works as a great and long-awaited companion piece given the extremely similar themes. Before we were fooling around in a forest (before retiring to a ryokan) and this time aside from the initial car ride, we remain in the forest. A question some may have is about MANA FUNAKI's pubic hair. Sure, one can dye any hair if they're determined enough, but why go through the effort for pubic hair? MANA just may be the real deal and perhaps due to some mixing down the line was blessed with being a bit different where for our time with her at least, counts for a lot.

In spite of appearing aloof, we get a movie full of fun dialog, a great "don't let my husband find out!" theme, well-shot outdoor sex in a beautiful Japanese forest, and yes, it's raw and finishes with real nakadashi. MANA FUNAKI is not your normal Japanese MILF. She's something else and it's almost a shame she opted for a brief career in no mosaic JAV. Perhaps conditions were different when she was active; perhaps the demand for MILFs wasn't what it is now? MADONNA existed then, but perhaps they were not yet the powerhouse they are today. Regardless, today's update is special for a smorgasbord of reasons and deserves your attention.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 694

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+Very, very unique actress.

+REI KIMURA fans, your no mosaic fix has arrived.

+Excellent outdoor footage.

+Real creampie finish.


-Nothing of note. This one delivers.

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