Runa Makise - JAV Interview and Location Hunting Brazen Outdoor Sex

Published April 10, 2024

#Subtitled #HD #Uncensored

Donning a recruit suit to appear in JAV? The origin story of a Japanese office lady lookalike who goes for a clothing optional road trip ending in nakadashi.

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Timing and Translation by JM84

Not everyone wants to get out of school and migrate right into office life. It's dull, the hours are long, and the pay is in the pits. Some may don their 'recruit suits' and head to...the office of a JAV company? Stranger things have happened. Still, seeing a prime candidate for an office lady of some sort decked out exactly as you'd imagine one to say with conviction that it's not serving tea, but having tea served in her that suits her vocational needs for the moment may come as a surprise.

RUKA MAKISE nails this and more in a movie that begins in an office and concludes in the literal backseat of a beat down studio van out in the boonies some where. From donned in a perfect recruit suit to stark naked with shaved bits on full display complete with actual semen dribbling out of them is a quick way to sum up the adventures that occur over the 70 minutes that make up JAV INTERVIEW AND LOCATION HUNTING BRAZEN OUTDOOR SEX. Featuring similarities with the fantastic BEAUTY IN SWIMSUIT release also by DREAMROOM and also featuring the same actor/director, this one follows a similar action plan and does so quite successfully.

Movies like this were made for great weather and I do wonder what would have happened if they were not blessed with blue skies. Would the shoot still go on? If it rained, we'd get something considerably cooler and more dramatic (an update from some years ago featuring YUU KAWAKAMI began overcast and concluded with amazing group sex under a downpour!). Still, blue sky is safe and when you're a one man crew, less issues that can hamper production the better! RUKA with her lithe frame is a babe and the only issue is seeing her with natural hair rather than bare would have been a plus (she has some very obvious razor bumps from a seemingly very fresh and hasty shave). The flow works in their favor because even though this one runs a bit longer, it remains easy on the eyes and a gem to watch.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 415

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Cute actress. Really, she's adorable!

+Excellently-shot outdoor play.

+Real creampie finish.


-A natural RUKA probably is better than a shaved one.

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