Alice Otsu - Sloppy Kissing Sexual Control

Published March 29, 2024

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Alice Otsu, perfect blonde hairdo in tow, unleashes domination on an assembly line of masochistic men who want nothing more than to be her sex slaves.

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Timing and Translation by JM84

If one had to write about the biggest JAV actress enigma of the modern era, it would be easy: ALICE OTSU. One can make the mistake that this beauty debuted as a blonde-haired MILF pushing the 'bimbo' look as hard as hard gets, but alas, they'd be making a grave one. You see, ALICE OTSU has been actively shooting JAV for *over a decade*...if you can believe it.

Debuting in 2013 and appearing regularly since, she appeared mainly in lower budget smaller studio roles and also as a kikatan performer alongside others in bigger ones. It was good in a way; the pay surely was decent and the gigs frequent, but while maintaining her original longer hair (and later on short hair) naturally sable locks just did not lead to her standing out from the crowd. In the beginning of 2022 she re-debuted in a way with the iconic blonde cut she still dons a few years later. Whoever her stylist is should be giving the biggest pat on the back in the existence of this sign of respect because it totally fits the client.

Like that other short-haired beauty we showed a pair of movies from recently, ALICE has a really good face that until two years ago was buried in hair styles that looked good, but never looked great. Embracing the 'slut' (and no, this does not imply she is one in real life though since the 'change', she has happily taken these types of roles as her calling card), she has transformed from random extra to a fierce performer in her own right; no longer appearing as a rando in a group movie, but prime billing and in countless titles across various studios. ALICE OTSU has come into her own!

Today's update via WAAP entitled SLOPPY KISSING SEXUAL CONTROL is a prime example of studio at home in their most popular genre (WAAP seems to have become the gold standard in femdom but not too femdom JAV movies) utilizing an actress who has stage presence and dominates like there's no tomorrow. Look, while I may not be the biggest fan of these types of movies, a diamond is a diamond and undoubtedly this one checks off all the boxes one can want: sultry voluptuous babe, check. Non-stop masochistic men eager to be dominated, check. Top-notch production as WAAP is not known to slack, check. You name it, this one has it. The play is intense, the teasing out of this world, and the sex that does happen in the final scene not only is glorious but director K*WEST picked an auspicious day to film as he was blessed with natural sunlight and made fantastic use of it.

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+Ladies and gentlemen, Alice Otsu.

+Gold standard in how to shoot a mainstream femdom movie.

+Love the natural lighting in the last scene. More please!


-One scene overstays its welcome (you'll know which).

-Full sex only happens in final scene (not related to above).

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