Yuri Minegishi - Vaginal Pressure Training via Belly Dancing

Published February 21, 2024

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Employing a Japanese belly dancer, do we actually find out if a rigorous dancing routine leads to a tighter vagina or just get lost in all the sex?

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Timing and Translation by Patonyan

Hey guys, belly dancing is cool now! In fact, it always has been and in Japan, a cultural fixation for many years. However, it's always been seen as something geared towards slightly older women. After all, go to any belly dance event in Japan and most on stage are in their thirties if not older. With Japan aging up, it only makes sense to finally give this fantastic way to lose weight the time it needs even if it's on JAV. And mind you, belly dancing really is gaining steam. As of writing this, one of the most popular dramas out is 'Sexy Tanaka-san' (and as of proofreading this review, gosh how has the situation changed!), about a dorky 'around forty' office lady who has a secret side gig as a popular belly dancer. Her cover is blown one day by a very cute coworker who finds herself visiting one such performance only to discover her 'Sarah, Plain and Tall' coworker decked out to the mix and shimmying, popping, and locking like nobody's business.

For our intensive purposes at least, expect less slick Japanese drama and more small screen lower budget JAV that still delivers something special. VAGINAL PRESSURE VIA BELLY DANCING, as the name implies, is a DREAMROOM movie about dancing and sex. Does belly dancing make one's most intimate area tighter than normal? Or is this just the stuff of legends? Honesty, the answer is still up in the air. YURI MINEGISHI comes in, dances in clothes, in less clothes, gives and receives a sexy shower, has sex in a bikini emulating more robust raiment, and then yes, has sex again concluding with a real creampie. The plot may gotten lost in one of the pops, but eye candy abounds from start to finish.

YURI MINEGISHI may not be a spring chicken; she was already in her early thirties when this was shot. Nevertheless, she still looks heads and shoulders above her peers. A very easy on the eyes face on a figure that is supernal from shoulders to feet--even with a plus-sized butt to boot! Dangerous curves, dangerous dancing, but all pleasure when it comes to finding out just how tight she is in all the right places.

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+Not that often you see a belly dance JAV.

+Performer has a GREAT body.

+Real creampie finish.


-Not as much belly dancing as one would think.

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