Voluptuous Hotwife Onsen Getaway

Published February 5, 2024

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Perfectly voluptuous, Rubenesque, pale, and hairy Japanese hotwife fulfills the fantasy of her husband while he watches and later joins in.

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Timing and Translation by ZENRA

Be it Germany, Indonesia, Ireland, and beyond, the results are in: cuckolding is on the decline, hotwife is where it's at! JAV sadly has some catching up to do as while cheating wives has always been popular, movies that involve the husband actually being there in support (or at least remotely somehow and at worst, in the know only to get footage later) remain somewhat rare. GOGOS at least has carried this torch for awhile with their PLEASE TAKE MY WIFE series having regular releases most every month. Today, we are showing a special offshoot of that one which follows closely in the footsteps of a similar update by them from about a year ago but holy cow is the actress this time around unique!

Theoretical question: what would 'peak' AI UEHARA look like if she was about ten kilograms heavier? From the head down, mind you! Thankfully, there is little need to imagine that because the faithful wife in VOLUPTUOUS HOTWIFE ONSEN GETAWAY fits that bill--again from the head down, mind you! Until now I've always praised KANNA SHINOZAKI as having one of the most ideal cherubic/Rubenesque figures in JAV though MITAMA AWATSUKI took that and gosh darn perfected it! I prefer naturally pale which is something KANNA lacked being somewhat on the tan side. KANNA gives that along with the ultimate marshmallow curvy body complete with extra large breasts, a ginormous butt, totally unshaved pubic hair, yet somehow keeping a somewhat thin waist and midsection. It's as rare as they get and while we may assign this movie a BBW tag, it's BBW in the Japanese sense and at almost perfect levels: big and beautiful with no cellulite or fat hanging on fat (no shame if you like that in your women).

VOLUPTOUS HOTWIFE ONSEN GETAWAY sees us returning to the GCU (Gogos Cinematic Universe) as this movie is technically their second outing with this lovely extra large lady fulfilling her husband's hotwife fantasy. The first--a movie we plan to show in the future--is a shorter affair more akin to the PLEASE TAKE MY WIFE series except this time it's the wife who handles camera duty the whole time. It also lacks smooth-talking Karaki-san. Thus, not as good, but still how can we turn down showing more of such a well-rounded beauty?

Here at least we get something akin to classic GOGOS with a slow, but juicy buildup leading to almost nonstop hotel sex--first with Karaki and the wife on their own while the husband runs some well-timed errands--and again in the threesome he has always wanted. Normally MMF activity can be rather unappealing. In vanilla JAV this goes double where two brusque actors and an actress from the get-go simply have sex and nothing more. Visually, it may be art, but it lacks the depth we get in VOLUPTUOUS HOTWIFE ONSEN GETAWAY where even a sex toy pleasure scene that normally would be a snoozefest turns into something else when you realize the woman is the wife of one of the men there and it's his first time seeing her pleasured that way while a camera is running no less! Even being blown by his curvy wife turns magical when he's the one filming it and a JAV director is pounding into her extra expansive butt from behind.

The only downside to VOLUPTUOUS HOTWIFE ONSEN GETAWAY (well, aside from it being Karaki, not myself!) is the lighting. GOGOS prefers to keep this hyper-realistic with smaller hand-held cameras and avoiding excessive studio lighting. If the natural light such as sun through a window shines in their favor, we get something great; otherwise, we're at mercy at whatever the regular lighting fixtures can produce which for some angles at least made for picture quality that was a bit washed out. Thankfully, there's a great bathroom interlude that does even more to bring out her extreme curves (at the expense of an echo that toughened the subtitling process). Our wife today--or MITAMA AWATSUKI--had a very short career. At the end of the day, while we are confident her body type will find many a fan here, it may still be too big for domestic users.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 1482

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+The perfect body for fans of Rubenesque, cherubic women.

+The rare example of husband present (and later participating) hotwife play.

+Hyper realistic, as is standard for this studio.


-Picture quality at times was a bit lacking.

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