Wet and Messy - Painted Gold, Silver, and Bronze Sports Training

Published December 8, 2023

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The happiest, weirdest, craziest, and yes, messiest JAV we have ever shown. Featuring the casting of a trio especially voluptuous actresses who go for the gold.

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Wet and Messy - Painted Gold, Silver, and Bronze Sports Training

Timing and Translation by JM84

There's many things one can say about WET AND MESSY - PAINTED GOLD, SILVER, AND BRONZE SPORTS TRAINING, but one thing this extra packing ROCKET movie pushes more than everything is pure, unabashed...joy! I swear this may be the happiest JAV movie we've ever showed. Sure, we've had bubbly movies before and there's always those lovely off-shoots even during the most serious drama releases with cast cracking jokes, but few movies can simultaneously be so weird yet wholesome as today's update. It's hard to put it into words, but we'll do our best!

Those with sharp eyes may notice this is actually the second in the series. So why aren't we showing the first one? Don't worry, it's not due to delisting--something becoming somewhat more common--but simply casting. Both follow similar plots, but the three performers this time around all sport especially curvy and voluptuous bodies and for a movie like this one that makes use of specialized paint that brings said curves out even more, the curvier the better!

Running almost three hours is by ROCKET standards at least a very long movie. Normally we would split this, but due to the setup where the almost the first hour is purely clothed (scantily if you're into bloomers that is!) sports endurance training, there may be some users who may opt to skip ahead for the movie's namesake. On one hand, we don't blame them, but on the other, a lot of that great chemistry that runs throughout the entire release needs to be seen from the get-go to fully appreciate. Director SCARECROW (what a name!) did a solid with this one. The transition from odd, but somewhat by-the-books real sports training to the wild orgy at the end flows almost naturally if you can believe it. With movies like this, a big issue could be sex being shoehorned in but here it feels surprisingly natural...natural that is if JAV stars shining from metallic full body paint is your bag.

The good news is this is a great movie. The bad news is even for ROCKET, wet and messy movies are pretty rare. While other JAV studios of lesser renown have produced WAM movies, ROCKET seems to be the only one who has taken this abnormal fetish and combined it with enough mainstream appeal (ie, SEX) to make it potentially popular. If they shoot more and this movie does well, we will probably show more. We're awaiting your thoughts.

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+Can a theme ever be more unique than this?

+All three actresses are super cute and curvy.

+Possibly the happiest JAV movie ever shot.

+The sex is great and is worked in well.


-Takes about an hour to really get to the 'good bits'.

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