Ayumi Tsuji - Interviewing Down on Her Luck Massage Therapist

Published November 29, 2023

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The reality of being an out-call Japanese masseuse who may offer extras out of the box, but still prefers customers who just opt for regular rubdowns.

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Ayumi Tsuji - Interviewing Down on Her Luck Massage Therapist

Timing and Translation by Patonyan

One of the hardest to digest things about sex work in Japan is so long as one is not explicitly selling penetrative sex, it's legal. Thus, with this setup in play, an almost uncountable number of services exist in most any major city that suit the fetishes of even the most specific customers. For example--and quite relevant to the scenario played out in today's update--is that of a real masseuse who happily gives extras. It's a fourth wall issue at heart; many a client may want an actual massage experience but if they have to request 'extras' or if the masseuse just does not look and act the part, the fantasy bubble is popped. Thankfully, there is a service for that!

AYUMI TSUJI, a very realistic and down-to-earth actress who sadly only appeared in a tiny number of movies before bowing out really nails her role in INTERVIEWING DOWN ON HER LUCK MASSAGE THERAPIST, a real deal creampie DREAMROOM release. As one can imagine given how these movies normally flow, the interview, while interesting, takes second stage early for the play itself.

The big question is does the fourth wall break? Does a JAV movie about a masseuse who performers extras remain focused on reality or does it transition partway through to the type of sex one only really sees on the small screen? In all honesty, it isn't perfect, but DOWN ON HER LUCK mostly stays on point. Sure, the second half is mostly vanilla sex, but it's shot fantastically. The first half as well with the massage that transitions to a bikini-clad rub down that--whoa, look away and you'll miss it! The most astonishing moment is the impromptu raw sex that happens during the bikini massage as AYUMI casually slides it in almost immediately after giving a short handjob.

INTERVIEWING DOWN ON HER LUCK MASSAGE THERAPIST may not star the most beautiful Japanese woman to have ever played a masseuse, but it packs a bunch. AYUMI TSUJI really looks the part and the run-time while not super long contains everything you can want and then some (like a rimjob!). A great watch for most anyone.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 305

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Actress really looks and acts the part.

+Pale, curvy, busty, and hairy. The real quadruple threat.

+Plot mostly remains on point.

+Real creampie finish.


-Nothing of note. This movie does what it intends.

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