Magic Mirror - Not Cheating if it Only Goes in Three Centimeters for Sex-Deprived Wives First Half

Published November 3, 2023

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Ikebukuro Station again for the win as Japanese wife after wife is found for a crazy challenge consisting of minute insertions leading to insane creampie sex.

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Magic Mirror - Not Cheating if it Only Goes in Three Centimeters for Sex-Deprived Wives First Half

Timing and Translation by ZENRA

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Never in a million years could I imagine brazenly asking married Japanese women if they'd be interested in trying a new type of 'exercise' involving having their vaginas sensually coated with massage oil followed by being pistoned by a trainer--but only 3 cm deep! You'd think most would be shocked! You'd think most would simply walk out. You'd think at the bare minimum there'd be a modicum of surprise. Aside from the last, a smidgen of reality seems to have been pushed to the wayside in this unique MAGIC MIRROR release by SADISTIC VILLAGE.

Consisting of five scenes and five wives and running a surprisingly short (for this series at least) 200 minutes, MAGIC MIRROR NOT CHEATING IF IT ONLY GOES IN THREE CENTIMETERS FOR SEX-DEPRIVED WIVES does do a fine job in delivering pretty much exactly what its title hints at. In an example of sticking close to the plot, we do indeed pretty much get this repeated five times. The casting is varied though I won't be the first to admit the wild variety aspect we've seen pretty much all the other iterations in this lovely long-running series seem quite muted here. While the overall atmosphere is the same and the video quality no less, the lack of an ABE-chan type of on-screen 'host' seems to hurt some. The director who remains mostly off-screen does a decent job but it's not the usual guy either making me think this movie is something of a B Team release. Again, visually it's solid, but lots of that fun dialog that happens before the action almost is missing here with each encounter going from initial meeting to butt bare to the world in an average of seven minutes.

It's going to be hard to pick the best scene. There are no bad ones though it should be noted the penultimate starring a thicker actress who I really wish did more did less compared to her fellow wives: no full-on sex but she did use a dildo in a unique way that made great use of SOD's famous mobile studio (yes, SOD and yes, while this is not a SOD movie, studios they exclusively distribute for seem to be able to 'borrow' some of their set pieces if they're available for that day of shooting). Otherwise, the first scene starring a kind of quiet HIJIRI HIBARI may have the best 'butt' footage and of course this segues into a wild encounter with HONOKA TSUJII whom out of all five 'wives', definitely seems the best cast for what the role calls for.

RAN NONOMIYA and YUMINA HIROSAKI (scenes three and five, respectively) are odd ducks to say the least. The former was so darn adorable in her interview yet turned into an oddly noisy sex-freak when fun times started. YUMINA as well and even more so (though looks-wise, she seems like the perfect doppelganger for MAKI TOMODA if she was 20 years younger!). When these two were engaging in the 3 cm piston exercises, it almost felt like I was subtitling a nature documentary. Never have I so wanted to be on set as the producer yelling CUT! and telling them to take their performances down several notches to slightly more believable sex.

Lastly, while on the subject of believability, this movie does feature creampies and their accuracy can be up to you to decide. However, they are done well and given how wild these scenes go with multiple finishes, they work. I have some issues (see above) but overall do think this is another pretty good entry in SADISTIC VILLAGE's MAGIC MIRROR cinematic universe (SVMMCU for short, don't forget that). It may lack some of the really out their variety show elements we've seen in others, but if you love great footage of plus-sized Japanese butts, hats off to the director because we get that in droves!

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 1526

4 Files 4.50GB


Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Excellent big butt footage.  Eye candy in all scenes.
+It's hard to produce a poor Magic Mirror movie.
+Funny, kind of unique theme.


-Way less wild variety element compared to previous entries.
-Two of the actresses were just too wild during sex.
-The only actress who did not have full sex was probably the best one to have had it given her curves.

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