Kanna Shinozaki - My Voluptuous Wife is an Always Wet Sex Freak

Published October 30, 2023

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The most most cherubic, the most curvy, the most voluptuous with the biggest most perfect butt JAV star in visual perfection from start to finish.

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Kanna Shinozaki - My Voluptuous Wife is an Always Wet Sex Freak

Timing and Translation by Patonyan

If you've been following these reviews long enough, then you know by now that I'm a big fan of KANNA SHINOZAKI. A surprise actress in a way whom while having such a short career of only a couple of years released an incredible amount of titles. There were times where multiple movies featuring her came out in the same week (!). A nice nest egg was made and hopefully she has made the best of it since then. For fans at least, we have ample footage of quite possibly the most cherubic woman to ever appear in JAV. 

As mentioned before, KANNA is what AI UEHARA would become if she ate to the extent HARUKI SATOU did in the latter part of her career: perfect full body fat distribution especially in the butt and thighs! Thankfully NON seemed to luck out and score usage of a wonderful higher end camera to film today's update, MY VOLUPTUOUS WIFE IS AN ALWAYS WET SEX FREAK. This one is slightly shorter than normal modern JAV movies clocking in at a bit over 100 minutes, but being in the increasingly dwindling camp of JAV fans who think 90 minutes is the sweet spot if editing is done right (and it is here), then 100 minutes is nothing to complain about.

The plot is light. In fact, this one matches the title perfectly. Wife? Kanna. Voluptuous? Kanna. Wet? Kanna. Sex freak? Husband (and Kanna too!). On one hand, I can imagine KANNA SHINOZAKI in some alternate country bumpkin life being married to the ogrish fellow cast aside her in this release, but this one almost hits too close to home. Beauty and the beast was supposed to die with the sputtering out of the dreaded kimomen fad, but here we've the return of one who gets to slobber and do other salacious things over all of his wife's bountiful curves. In the kitchen, on the sofa, in a bedroom with unique wallpaper, you name it, he slobbers, she receives spit. The life of a housewife when motherhood was never a thing and your husband only has one thing on his mind!

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 311

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Thanks to a really nice camera, KANNA SHINOZAKI has never looked better.
+Ideal movie for those who just want to go crazy over curvy wives.
+Don't discount the slightly abridged runtime; it works here.


-Actor is a bit too ogrish for his own good.
-Extremely light on plot.  Emphasis on extremely.

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