Ran Miyasako - Naked Tea Ceremony Lesson

Published September 20, 2023

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Tea ceremony may not be popular among youth nowadays but this well done and well cast JAV featuring a naturally hairy beauty sets out to change that.

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Ran Miyasako - Naked Tea Ceremony Lesson

Timing and Translation by Patonyan

Ask any foreigner arriving at Narita, Kansai, or any airport in Japan that has inbound international flights what they plan to do and very few of them--bordering on zero!--will probably say they came to Japan to study tea ceremony. I know, it's kind of outdated. It's not up there with things to do. We know, they know it, the tea ceremony industry knows it. Not a dying art, but not one that inspires an insatiable wanderlust among tourists or even locales for that matter. An art to drinking tea? In this era? Sad, the reality of modern day tea ceremony.

But is it all doom and gloom? Is there a way we inject new life into this traditional art full of minute motions that carry such heavy weight? Tea ceremony in SF is all the rage now so why not tea ceremony JAV? After all, it was only some months ago we released a movie all about flower ceremony sex that showed that other 'dying' art still has a demand. Who knew that if you cast a beautiful Japanese woman who isn't shy about getting naked and having sex that you could make a movie on most any 'archaic' theme? Armed with proof, we march in step towards today's update, NAKED TEA CEREMONY LESSON starring a lesser known, but pale, curvy, and very hairy RAN MIYASAKO.

Unlike that flower ceremony update that admittedly did not do too much with its namesake, NAKED TEA CEREMONY seems closer to the real deal. RAN really knows her stuff and gets a chance to show it off for real in the first segment of this 60 minute DREAMROOM release. It's quite authentic. Unexpectedly authentic. And that really helps as when it does transition to the sexy bits, it feels incredibly organic. The fourth wall remains intact, folks and that is a very commendable feat.

I've a feeling RAN MIYASAKO is going to draw some attention. Of course, among JAV performers, her skills in tea ceremony are probably nonpareil, but body-wise from face to feet, she perfectly mixes the approachable mien of someone who looks into foreigners (if you've been there, you know it) with a curvy body, a great chest, and incredible natural pubic hair. That this movie is done raw with no pulling out also deserves praise. The run-time works in its favor with no wasted moments and solid progression.

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+Cute actress that's pale, curvy, and hairy!
+Works in tea ceremony without feeling shoehorned.
+Transition from said ceremony to sex is surprisingly smooth.
+Real creampie finish.


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