High Leg Virgin-Destroying Voluptuous Women Sex Party

Published June 12, 2023

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Where few fear to tread: voluptuous and thick, horny and delerious and three of them! Japanese cougars of the highest order devouring virgins.

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High Leg Virgin-Destroying Voluptuous Women Sex Party
Timing and Translation by JM84

Is it true that amorous, voluptuous women regardless of their nationality eat virgin men in order to maintain their beauty?  This urban legend may have been the spark that led to the creation of 1992's smash hit Death Becomes Her which may have replaced the whole debaucherous sex parties with virgins to ingest their seed with a funny little potion, but the crux remains:  older women don't want to be...well, old.  And it's not a one-sided deal either.  Some may be happily married, but happy marriages may still result in dead bedrooms.  Older women don't necessary lose their libidos!  Menopause may be the end of one's ability to become pregnant, but not horniness!  As we've heard on the news again and again, one of the hottest spots year-after-year for STDs to show their ugly faces are at nursing homes.  Old folks, folks, are doing it.  Right now, right while you're reading this and contemplating whether you've the balls to watch this even for ROCKET standards movie of unusual proportions and casting.

If you were to simply tell me the plot of HIGH LEG VIRGIN DESTROYING VOLUPTUOUS WOMEN SEX PARTY and asked me to guess who shot it, ROCKET may not be first on that list.  If anything, this kind of sounds like RUBY going all out because if there's one thing uniting the three women in today's update, it's that they all (two out of three at least but who's counting!) have done multiple releases for JAV's bona fide mature women maker.  Here, we've a trio and the unveiling of a unique sex club where "distinguished"--a nice euphemism for no longer being a spring chicken--women can satisfy the types of urges their husbands opt not to provide via the support of innocent men.  In a way, it's a win-win:  young dudes are horny and not all can score on their own. So why not lose it to a deliriously horny, voluptuous bordering on BBW, breasts and fat rolls with reckless abandon fiery Japanese cougar?  The only downside is they'll probably never have another encounter as wild.

As a fan of older and curvy women, a release like this should be my nectar of life.  They destroy virgins and I should get off on watching them do so.  Unfortunately, cougars--especially ones that almost volte-face into semen-guzzling demons from another dimension wearing the tiniest of high leg leotards is a bit too much.  I learned something after working on this release:  MILFs?  Sure.  Mature?  Alright if they take care of themselves.  Femdom?  If it's light...  But unchained cougars?  Rain-check!  Not my cup of tea, but this one via ROCKET is one of those once in millennium movies that is unique, big, and goes all out and if you want to see an interesting take at domination by horny mature Japanese women, have a seat and buckle in.

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+This one has a...unique theme.
+Curvy and older your bag?  Have a seat.
+ROCKET, known for some amount of cum fakery, leaves the eggs at home for this one.


-Wild cougars in high leg leotards devouring virgins may be too niche for many.
-Director, let's just put an arm band around a bad tattoo, not try to cover it up with makeup, OK?

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