Yuria Yoshine - I Will Make You Cum Today

Published November 21, 2022

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Dangerous curves, respectable height, and a group of masochistic men at her disposal. Where will this lead?

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Yuria Yoshine - I Will Make You Cum Today
Timing and Translation by JM84

YURIA YOSHINE, debuting only a few years ago, first appeared on my radar thanks to our blog and since then has never vanished from it.  Naturally attractive, naturally curvy, and willing to accept darn near whatever offers come her way, this is a JAV star with staying power.  From top to bottom, her only rival is SHIORI TSUKADA and coincidentally both of them starred together in a movie not too long ago which I believe was frankly cheating because casting those two in a scene is almost too much.  The biggest difference I can tell is YURIA, with her tongue piercing, curves, and dark hair comes off not as a gyaru (though these kinds of piercings are popular with them too), but I am calling it here on ZENRA:  I believe YURIA YOSHINE is a closet metalhead.  It takes one to know one so I'm going with my gut instincts on this.

What we get today is a fine release via WAAP shot by veteran director K*WEST.  Thus, this is a slick movie shot by one of the best casting an actress who looks great from all angles.  It's going to be hard to pad out a review given that.  I mean on one hand, if you're down with movies with light femdom themes featuring voluptuous women and masochistic men, you will be in heaven here.  On the other, this movie is phenomenally vanilla.  Generally, we avoid showing movies of this nature, but could not resist given just how fantastic YURIA YOSHINE looks.  Whether you're a butt man or a tit man, she nails it.  A face too that remains innocent and adorable until the piercing comes out, a danger to any man with sensitive libidos.

Sometimes you wonder just how much of the real woman is showing through the actress.  In a movie like this, even more so.  Is the real YURIA YOSHINE a freak in bed willing to totally dominate on men with weak wills?  Or is she naturally more passive?  A rumor says many a JAV star does it solely for the money, but after seeing this performance, I think that's not exactly the truth.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 679

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Production Quality
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+Absolutely dangerous curves from all angles.
+If you like femdom, but not hard femdom, this is for you.
+Slick, slick production.  This is what high-end JAV should look like.


-Incredibly vanilla outside of said light femdom theme.

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