Queuing Up for Immorality at the Yakitori Stall

Published October 19, 2022

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A new hire at a blue collar Japanese chicken restaurant trying to make a good impression goes well beyond the norm of upstanding service.

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Queuing Up for Immorality at the Yakitori Stall
Timing and Translation by JM84

If we're going to spend some time with uncensored JAV that really went above and beyond, it would be easy to compile a list of orgy titles and call it a day.  Sorry, but while I love group sex movies as much as anyone, simply classifying a release featuring lots of people having sex at the same time as 'above and beyond' is taking a shortcut.  Even with smaller casts, it's movies that portray a fantasy that's far from the norm or even less, one that may appear extremely vanilla at first glance only to contain some unique editing and scene structure (such as that recent GUTS release that featured a great sex scene right at the beginning!).  What we're showing today is something like a best of best worlds movie in that it does feature a larger cast, but it was also shot in an amazingly unique location for realism as real as it gets.

QUEUING UP FOR IMMORALITY AT THE YAKITORI STALL sees the return of HITOMI KANOU (models/hitomi-kanou) whom with her sharp jaw line was made for wearing a ponytail rather than letting it all go unkempt as we saw previously.  Here, she plays the manager of well...a yakitori stall.  With a few gruff male employees, a new female hire joins the crew.  Eager to make a good first impression she impresses and then some with a great smile, fast service, attention to detail with equal parts kodawari and moe) on full blast.

DREAMROOM, pretty obviously gaining some inspiration from NATURAL HIGH, decided to take something from their world of hard embarrassment JAV and give it a mosaic-free double creampie finish and gosh do they do it well.  Yes, this is an 'all cylinders firing' release and I'm proud they pulled it off.  A true example of an amazing plot filmed at an actual yakitori stall (it doesn't take a genius to see the staff lookouts they have standing in front in lieu of actual customers).  I'm happy HITOMI KANOU got time to shine in a dominant role and her new hire co-star, AKUBI YUMEMI, was just too darn adorable and surprisingly was the recipient of an extremely rare standing nakadashi.  QUEUING UP is one of JAV movies that only come around once every blue moon and should be lovingly consumed when available.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 292

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+Filmed on location, if you can believe it!
+Real creampies for both women!
+Unique plot done right.


-Why can't there be more movies like this?

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