Sumire Matsu - The Bound and Messy Training of a Promiscuous Woman

Published May 18, 2022

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Messy and looking to keep her job (albeit with low pay!), Sumire Matsu, former gyaru JAV star and now office lady, does the unthinkable.

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Sumire Matsu - The Bound and Messy Training of a Promiscuous Woman
Timing and Translation by JM84

I've always had a thing for SUMIRE MATSU.  An enigma of sorts: a tan gyaru from way up north in Hokkaido?  With a figure commanding role after role from a studio like KAWAII, instead her career at times resembled REI MIZUNA.  While REI going by her Twitter has been inactive for almost an entire year, SUMIRE keeps on buzzing promoting herself as a former JAV star turned freelance model.  I sure am biased in saying I prefer her no clothing career over her clothed one, but given what I do, isn't that a given?

Today we're showing her in exactly the kind of movie I don't like, but I'm sure many here will enjoy:  THE BOUND AND MESSY TRAINING OF A PROMISCUOUS WOMAN is one of those office lady gone wrong flicks.  Filmed by DREAMROOM, shot without a sliver of mosaic and in one of those weird abandoned factories some JAV directors just love using for an archaic industrial vibe.  Seeing the cover and certainly that trailer should prepare you for the gruffness that encompasses this brisk 63 minute movie.

Don't expect lovey-dovey romance.  Nor is this a tale of two coworkers violating many forms of workplace rules to enact their love tryst.  This is hardcore with a capital H.  Core affixed with HARD in all caps.  You know how these movies go when they're uncensored and feature a cast of multiple men and only one woman.  A clock-in/clock-out raw sex affair.  Real creampies balanced out by real rope binding (seriously, they did a great job there albeit Japanese salarymen who are kinbaku masters is a stretch even in JAV Land).

There isn't too much I can add about this one.  It's hard and at times messy.  Far from a movie I consider something enjoyable for my tastes, but a good release for what it sets out doing.  I'm happy they went above and beyond to get a decent set.  We've seen too many no decoration bedroom being abused in JAV so seeing a nondescript Showa Era factory is a nice step up.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 588

4 Files 2.30GB


Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Attractive top-heavy actress (versatile too!).
+Great set choice given standard options.
+Real creampie finish and facials to even things out.


-Extremely brusque.  As far from happy go-lucky MOBSTERS as you can get.

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