Tempted by No Makeup Face Cheating Wife

Published February 2, 2022

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We have naked and then we have totally naked. Living up the namesake of our site, here we have a cheating Japanese wife doing the latter with finesse.

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Tempted by No Makeup Face Cheating Wife
Timing and Translation by ZENRA

I've always preferred women in their most natural state.  That's part of the reason this site is called ZENRA, after all.  Our namesake means 'stark naked' in Japanese and how much more naked can you get when you're stripped of both raiment, jewelry (with the exception of a wedding ring), and makeup as well?  That's the theme to this no frills low budget JAV series whose sequel (if you can even call it that as there's no connecting plot let alone a plot) we're showing today.

While my tastes have shifted to older women, I won't deny being more fond of MIYU NINOMIYA.  Sure, she's no MILF like today's actress, YOKO IMAEDA, happens to be, but I just couldn't get enough of that natural cute face and body that was as tight as they come.  YOKO is closer to what you'd get if you ordered delivery health from an establishment focusing on younger married women.  Not attacking her looks per say, but we all know--her included--a future career as an A-list model probably isn't within the realm of possibility.

TEMPTED BY NO MAKEUP FACE CHEATING WIFE is less about temptation and more about above average hotel-based raw sex starring an amateur married woman going behind her husband's back for some fast money.  The catch?  As the title implies, no makeup, risky no condom coitus, and having to do the act with the lost hopes and dreams rotund JAV actor whom as I noted in our last rodeo with him I thought retired back in the late 90's.  I feel like I can take off at least one glove while throwing some criticism here, but even though actors should remain mostly invisible, even the hint of this guy is enough to bring down the quality of the movie.  Sure, JAV actors suffer low pay, but couldn't they have got someone a bit more ideal?  Even within uncensored, there are options.

YOKO is...well, average.  We get an interview beforehand that is par for the course.  Sex is pretty good though she's a bit more dead fish than ideal.  I'll give her credit for putting on a great performance once play begins in earnest.  She never really takes the lead, but most of my minor nitpicks vanished like water on hot pavement when the doggystyle portion began.  What YOKO may lack in some areas, she makes for with an impressive butt.

Surprisingly this movie features raw sex, but breaking away from DREAMROOM tradition, we get a paltry facial to finish things off.  Sure, the theme is wearing no makeup, but for them, I consider anything less than a real internal finish to be something of a cop-out.  To make matters worse, our ogrish friend couldn't squirt out more than a few paltry puddles.  Not the most ideal way to finish a decent JAV movie, but who can complain?

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Excellent lower body on a real Japanese wife.
+Raw sex filmed decently thanks to a good cameraman (these types of movies usually are solo affairs).


-Truly ogrish actor.
-Ends with facial when creampies for this studio are standard.

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