Mai Miori and Ayu Hanashiro - Contortionist Sex Recital

Published December 24, 2021

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A movie that needs to be seen to be believed. Breakthrough in its fullest meaning.

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Handsome Massage Therapist Seduces MILF Clients 2
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Very rarely can I write about how groundbreaking a JAV movie happens to be.  Sure, there are always great titles being released, but doing something entirely outside of the box is a different story.  Being creative and innovative while turning out something that fans will actually enjoy is a mighty feat.  Most studios--even those known for creativity--still opt to play it safer pushing out works that they believe will lead to profits.  Sometimes, however, you need to throw caution to the wind and go with your gut.

There are very few JAV stars who have the flexibility of MAI MIORI.  Sure, some can do splits to some extent.  Some others may have done dancing in the past.  But a full-fledged ballerina?  In spite of showing some movies with that theme, the jump (no pun intended) to creampie sex is actually pretty big.  Surprisingly, MAI MIORI debuted with SADISTIC VILLAGE some years ago in a movie that focused on her former career.  A few years later when CONTORTIONIST SEX RECITAL was shot saw little change in her abilities thankfully.  21 then and 25 when this lightning in a bottle was produced saw MAI just as beautiful and just as flexible.

Along with MAI, we get newcomer AYU HANASHIRO whom sadly had a shorter career.  Fortunately, both actresses dabbled a bit (OK, in Ayu's case a lot!) in uncensored movies so who knows--maybe we'll show them in the future.  For now at least, let's zero in on this epic lightly pixelated title.

The structure of CONTORTIONIST SEX RECITAL is just as unique as its visuals:  in a rarity for JAV, we get something that's presented somewhat in a non-linear way.  Initial meeting followed by play that zeros back to the first day on set.  MAI may be the star of the show (with AYU a close second), but this may be the first SHIMIKEN movie I've seen that really makes me respect just how much effort he puts in.  That doesn't mean he's a lazy actor, but he's been in so many movies it's hard not to imagine him just playing himself.  Here, both him and co-star TJ work almost as hard as AYU and MIORI.  The women may be the ones engaging in the greatest amount of theatrics, but they still need support!

The sex in this movie is fantastic and almost non-stop.  The latter needs some explaining:  you'd think with a movie bookended with two MMF sex scenes (featuring lots of unique positions) that the actual 'calendar shooting' scene (that features angles and stunts the 'normal' scenes lack) would be a bit more ...well, non-sexual.  You'd think:  "sure, they're naked, but it's going to be them just rubbing up against each other because they already were having sex", but NO!  The sex in the middle scene is just as intense as the scenes that surround it.  If it looks like they're having sex, it's because they are!  What's more, in spite of having a strong behind-the-scenes vibe to it, we see constant footage of actors kissing, licking, groping, and even screwing for the sake of pleasure while staff members walk around them making preparations for the next pose.  The way casual sex was captured may be the most titillating part of this impressive 2.5 hour release in spite of it being chock full of always naked sexual insanity.

There's so much more I can say about CONTORTIONIST SEX RECITAL.  I can gush about all the crazy poses.  I can praise the unique use of polls, harnesses, and gosh knows what else.  I can go on and on about the fortitude of EVERYONE involved.  But is it necessary?  Let the screenshots, trailer, and the bulk of this review do the explaining.  We don't need to get into exact specifics here.  This is a groundbreaking movie in every meaning of the word.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 834

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Unique barely begins to describe this release.
+An uncountable number of novel sex positions (including brand new ones!).
+Movie can be a visual guide for able-bodied couples looking to spice things up.
+Both actresses flexible in the best of ways.
+I can now consider myself a SHIMIKEN fan (not that I disliked him before).
+Real sex from start to finish.  Real cum too!


-BTS middle scene had muddled dialog at times so pardon any translation gaps.
-C'mon SHIMIKEN:  you shave your chest, but not your pubes?

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