Rica - Angels and Devils

Published October 27, 2021

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The gyaru that time forgot? Just as good as all the others and well worth watching in a movie that casts her in both dominant and submissive roles.

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Rica - Angels and Devils
Timing and Translation by JM84

Will gyaru ever come back?  Are tan younger JAV stars a thing of the past?  Some have made claims that we've seen the true end of an era, but then even today there are a few actresses who are keeping the trend alive--in slightly more muted ways at least.  While the trend really kicked off in the late 90's, the JAV industry didn't really seem to embrace it until almost a decade later if you can believe it.  Usually they're on the ball with mixing pop culture and adult video, but it really wasn't until the late 2000's that the 'gyaru wave' of JAV became a thing.  Go figure.

RICA (sometimes credited as RIKA AYANE) is one such actress that time may have forgotten.  Sure, she was no MANA IZUMI (who even to do this day still sports a major tan, even more tattoos, and now is boasting about her bolt-ons), but she was no actress one should simply skip over.  The lack of name recognition was more of a travesty given her ability to handle a wide variety of roles.

Take today's update, ANGELS AND DEVILS, for instance.  Filmed almost in one go without much respite, we see RICA going from cruel yet amorous dominatrix to almost a full submissive as JAV actors seem to pop up like weeds with erections in tow to take turns finishing in her and also on her face...as is tradition.

While I enjoyed the first part of ANGELS AND DEVILS, it's hard for me to say great things about the 'random bunch of silent horny guys take turns having sex with a JAV star' trope some uncensored movies seem to frequently include.  Sure, more women is always better, but I can't say the same for men.  Exceptions do exist.  Most MOBSTERS movies show you can have these types of lop-sided sexual escapades and make them fun for everyone rather than clock-in/clock-out affairs.  Still, RICA puts on a great performance and I can't fault anything from the production side of things.  This is a beautiful, well-shot movie that probably has achieved its intended purpose.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 311

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Great gyaru casting who nails the part (both dominant and submissive).
+Production quality better than normal for this type of movie.
+Real creampies will forever be praised.


-Brusque actors are a dime-a-dozen.

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