Yui Minami - Burn Me Up

Published August 11, 2021

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Cute, compact, with perfect pubic hair sculpting. No mosaic, no regrets. Perfect for fans of Ichika Matsumoto.

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Yui Minami - Burn Me Up
Translation and Timing by ZENRA

There's going to be older subscribers who remember way back in the early aughts the vibrant 'scan' scene featuring many with high powered machinery (not exactly common back in the day) getting a hold of very hard to get outside of Japan magazines and photobooks and well...scanning them.  I have to admit I recall having many folders of these beautiful shots and after seeing how one of those images was used as the cover of today's update, I became thrilled that we're not only showing something crafted of beauty, but doing so in a special uncensored master release format.

Who is YUI MINAMI?  Beats me.  That's honestly for you.  She didn't do much JAV and as BURN ME UP doesn't contain an interview scene, her background remains a mystery.  However, as I began subtitling this slightly shorter VIRTUAL WAVE release, I noticed something:  YUI MINAMI looks an awful lot like ICHIKA MATSUMOTO, a modern day actress who's fast becoming one of the biggest names in town.  They may not be twins, but both have similar face structures and body types.  It's hard for me to pick which of the two is prettier, but thanks to today's update at least, one of them did end up doing some uncensored so there's that.

As with pretty much all the uncensored JAV movies we got from VIRTUAL WAVE, the run-time on the box covers don't reflect reality.  I'm not sure why this is the case; today's claims 80 minutes, but we only received about 45 minutes of footage.  This is split into a surprisingly solid devil's threesome scene pairing YUI with surfer hunk YOSHIYA MINAMI and another actor, both of whom are still active today.  Funny how the shelf-life of an actress sometimes can be measured in months, but many of the actors who debuted in the early 2000's still are working just as hard decades (!) later.  The lack of new male faces stems from various issues that go well beyond the review of this movie though.

That threesome is great; VIRTUAL WAVE is not known for high quality (more honesty for you), but both lighting and overall production quality is solid for the time.  YUI looks fantastic and having her blindfolded for the first half is a nice touch.  Thankfully, it's dropped partway through as obstructing her cute face from start to finish would have been a travesty.  The sex also is totally real.  This isn't one of those 'fake, but we're adding in mosaic later so nobody can tell' mishaps we've seen before from the same studio.

The second scene...OK, first off, this scene actually came first but we moved it to the back.  I won't lie about it either:  it's horrible.  It's a poor quality totally self-shot MMF blowjob affair.  The lighting is too dark (which is a shame as you can tell they had curtains blocking some great sunlight!), the camera quality is abysmal, the footage too shaky, and the actors could not shut up.  We didn't subtitle this scene and almost planned simply not to show it.  It's honestly one of the poorest 12 minutes of JAV footage I've ever seen, but we decided to keep it in for the sake of posterity.

I really wish YUI MINAMI had more of a career.  She easily could have had a ton of fame if she stuck around.  Maybe as much as ICHIKA has today, maybe more.  Actresses with her looks and body types are forever popular in the JAV industry.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 223

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Very, very cute actress who resembles ICHIKA MATSUMOTO.
+Great mosaic-lifted uncensored footage.
+Excellent production quality for its time (threesome sex scene only).


-MMF blowjob scene horrible on all accounts.  Not even worth watching, honestly.
-Lack of interview scene.  Pretty much sex right from the get-go.

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