Reiko Kanou - The Fetish Angle

Published April 14, 2021

#Subtitled #Uncensored #ClassicJAV

Curves in all the right places and an eagerness to perform whenever and with whoever. Mosaic-lifted for the modern era.

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Reiko Kanou - The Fetish Angle
Translation and Timing by ZENRA

Once upon a time, the pixels were so big in JAV a nice, tender blowjob between two consenting adults would turn into a very poor semi-realistic Minecraft recreation.  The 90's were a dark time for the industry when it came to seeing the action.  Things certainly improved in the 2000's and arguably mosaic got thinner and thinner until around 2016 (and after that got thick for various reasons, but is thinning out again now).  Still, less is always more and none is always best.  Today, we're showing another unique mosaic-lifted movie by VIRTUAL WAVE.  Originally shot for domestic release, but stripped of all pixelation for its international run.

REIKO KANOU stars in THE FETISH ANGLE, a pretty unique name for a movie that's alright on my "horrific to legendary" scale of rating JAV movies.  Don't go into this on expected magic.  Don't go into expecting jaw-dropping entertainment.  If you're a fan of great breasts on a woman who is very elated to be performing sans clothing while the cameras are rolling, it's a good release to spend some time with.  REIKO may have been in her twenties when filming this, but she boasts a rather mature mien and if she opted to stick around for more than a few movies, would have made a successful transition into MILF roles.

This is #ClassicJAV to its core.  We won't lie about that.  This isn't cutting edge, but it's thankfully all real.  The sex in the first two scenes is authentic (faking the act due to mosaic is something that still happens if you can believe it) and the finishes are as well.  The phone sex scene at the end really rounds things out though I'm a bit bummed that fantastic natural lighting was only used then and not for the earlier moments.  They really had a great opportunity there.  Thankfully, those latter portions are as uncensored as what comes before it so everything you want to see on REIKO's supernal body is clear and on display.

Production note:  halfway through the second scene, a slightly high pitched never-ending sound occurs.  Most likely the camera mic had some issues that weren't noticed until too late.  It's not incredibly loud, but it definitely is noticeable.  If you use earphones when watching this, I'd advice turning the volume down before watching that scene.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 411

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Attractive MILF-like actress with a great chest and libido.
+Uncensored (originally censored so expect more traditional camera angles).
+No fake sex.


-Audio issues in second scene.
-Great natural lighting almost 'wasted' on a phone sex masturbation scene rather than being used for sex.

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