Rei Kitajima - The Wife Next Door

Published March 31, 2021

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What if your neighbor happened to be an incredibly sultry former JAV star?

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Rei Kitajima - The Wife Next Door
Translation and Timing by ZENRA

This one's for all who love (slightly) older and quite sultry Japanese women.  The MILF lover in all of us have long rejoiced after seeing REI KITAJIMA debut as a MILF and pretty much remain that way throughout her long and storied career.  Retired now, yes, but not before doing a few uncensored movies to even things out, we get to spend a very passionate albeit 'protected' (you'll soon see why) 63 minutes with her in THE WIFE NEXT DOOR.

This DREAMROOM release has lots in common with TSUBAKI KATOU's that we showed a few years back.  Both feature average Japanese men who luck out by finding out their next door neighbor happens to be a JAV star.  Swearing to secrecy to help preserve her newfound life as a happy, married woman, she offers services to keep his lips sealed.  Of course, being a former JAV star, her arsenal or tricks are all of the sexual kind and why not--let's involve a cameraman to capture it all.  Voila, THE WIFE NEXT DOOR.

While I love older Japanese women, it's those with an air of innocence that best suit my needs.  Being married and shamefully doing something indecent behind her husband's back is the best.  With REI, we get some of that in the salacious equation, but she certainly looks experienced.  Keeping random men from spilling her secret certainly is a common occurrence going by how fast this movie segues from simple greetings to bedroom activities.  Then again, with uncensored JAV, going from clothes on to clothes off often happens in record time.

There isn't too much to complain about.  The one obvious issue is the actor using a rubber.  Certainly this was at REI's request and this normal occurrence in censored JAV came almost as an unwelcome surprise in this mosaic-free release.  After all, most movies of this nature are done as raw as they come with real internal finishes.  This time, it's rubber from start to finish with a few squirts over her flushed face.  Not the best way to end things, but somewhat of a letdown.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 234

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Very sultry older actress sure to be a fan favorite.
+Believable theme (though low chances of happening to you).


-Over-acting at times.
-Condom usage in an uncensored JAV.

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